16 Girls Admit How Their Guy Friend Accidentally Made Them Blush

16 Girls Admit How Their Guy Friend Accidentally Got Them Hot And Bothered

Sometimes, the perfect person for you is right under your nose. Just ask these girls who reveal what their close friend did to turn them on (accidentally):  

“The entire group went clubbing. He was saying something that I could not hear. He bent down and spoke against my ear. Questioned our two decades of platonic relationship at that second. Didn’t even hear what he said.” — BitchIsLit

“Put his arm around my waist when I was having a panic attack and kinda held me which turned into cuddles then I looked up at him to thank him and there was this look of love in his eyes and yeah.” — eternitywarp

“I fumbled a move one night dancing with a friend. I thought he was going to dip me, but he spun me instead. Still, my mistake was enough for him to notice, so he dipped me and said, ‘There, I’ve got you this time.’ No right to be as hot as it was.” — InsideJokeQRD

“We were at the bar one night and I was cold. He took his favorite jacket and put it over my shoulders and hugged me. I got a feeling for him I’ll never forget after that.” — Gizmottto

“I was annoying him, so he picked me up over his shoulder and dropped me on the couch, no biggie. (Was kinda hoping he’d spank me after propping me over his shoulder but…)” — Desperate-Exit692

“We were at a party drinking and I got handed a shot. I said, ‘This one is going to fuck me up.’ He looked right at me and softly said, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.’ I threw that shot straight back.” — ms_ing

“Shaved his head. We’d been friends for about a year, he had medium length hair but was balding badly, basically no hair on top at all. It had been a minute since we’d hung out and he walked in with a completely shaved head and I was like… damn I need to date this man. He looked SO good (still does) We’ve been together 7 years now and have a baby!” — Sydskiddoo

“I was unsure about something, and he started reassuring me by telling me how smart and hardworking I am. It wasn’t really what he said, but how he said it. He got this very earnest, stern look on his face that I hadn’t seen before, held eye contact, stopped what he was doing, and told me why he was certain I’d be okay.” — AmarettoOrWhat

“Leaned back in an office chair with his hands behind his head smirking a little. Completely out of context in the situation but my mind equated it with the position some men adopt when they’re right about to get head. Took me right out of the meeting.” — shymilkshakes

“Put his finger in my mouth. We’ve been married 8 years now.” — Ferb71

“Came to drop off food and medicine while I was sick. I was absolutely not in the mood but I wish I was.” — chrisandfriends

“His hand on my thigh, wanted to show me what his ex gf did to him while he was talking about their breakup. I’m not attracted to him at all but damn a hand on my thigh makes me weak.” — Extension-Flounder83

“Rolled his sleeves up and reversed perfectly.” — Potential-Skin-8610

“The way he shook my hand.” — sametimetmr

“I was hanging out with some of my guy friends and they all started kicking a ball around so I sat on the side near some cool flowers I wanted to draw, I wasn’t paying attention and at one point the ball started going towards me and one of the guys ran right in front of me like inches from me to stop it he then spent like 5 minutes checking if I was okay then gave me head pats. That wasn’t a normal thing for us but now it has become one. So yeah…” — Ralts_Shinx

“He posted a picture captioned with something like, ‘Gonna bring back the disco look’ and he had a dress shirt on half unbuttoned showing a bit of chest. He’s also got long hair that was kinda tousled and he had like a smirk/half smile going on. Phew. That was a Look(TM).” — WaterLady28