16 People Reveal The Movie That Was So Bad They Walked Out Of The Theater

16 People Reveal The Movie That Was So Bad They Walked Out Of The Theater

Pearl Harbor. It was like Dawson’s Creek and Saving Private Ryan collided head on, and there were no survivors.” — justplainmark

“The only one I have ever walked out of was Catwoman. I only made it like 20 mins into the movie. That thing was a dumpster fire.” — [deleted]

Red Tails. That movie was absolutely terrible. I didn’t think they could screw it up, they had great talent, and great subject matter, but they somehow managed to turn it into the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever encountered on a movie screen. Absolutely terrible.” — biggyww

Eragon. Have you read the books? Have you seen the movie? No more explanation required.” — iamheero

Jack and Jill. My friend made me go with him. I made it fifteen minutes in and I wasn’t the first one to walk out. Easily the worst movie I have ever seen. “ — ZookeeperHenry

Dragonball. I left because my childhood was destroyed.” — sirhc219

“I walked out of Paranormal Activity 2 and got a refund because the movie was fucking awful, and there were a group of teenagers shrieking like banshees when anything on the screen remotely moved, despite being told to calm down by staff, my friends, and myself. I don’t understand how that film series is so popular.” — YipWreck

“Growing up, my dad was an operator (still is) of a 2 screen indy theatre. I got to watch everything for free, so my mentality from a very young age was: ‘I might as well watch everything I can, because it’s all free!’ No matter how terrible, frightening, boring, violent, redundant, or pointless a movie was, I NEVER walked out. This all changed in the summer of 2003. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I witnessed an atrocity so heinous that to this day I get a chill down my spine just thinking about it. On this day… I saw… Spy Kids 3D. The acting, the CGI, the 3D, the Stallone, everything was just awful. For the first time in my life I walked out of a movie. A FREE movie. I took off the 3D glasses, left the room, and gently sobbed in a corner until it was over.” — Zschaus1

The Spirit. I don’t even remember why I walked out, but I did it with my bros and basically half the cinema. It was the biggest pile of shit we’d seen ever. So boring in so many ways. People were walking out literally being like ‘BLUD, HAHA FUCK THIS SHIT MAN’ and lobbing their popcorn at the screen. The popcorn costs like 7 quid, so you know they were hating.” — sashmantitch

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. I don’t even want to post this because I don’t know why I even went to see it in the first place.” — Skidmark_of_Buddha

Pompeii. It sucked and watching it longer wasn’t going to help.” — DukesOfBrazzers

Medea’s Family Reunion. Friends of my wife wanted to see it for some reason and convinced us to go with them. It was awful.. god awful, cringeworthy waste of time and money. We walked out and chatted on a lobby bench for an hour.” — directorguy

Meet The Spartans. Really a fucking terrible movie.” — theflying6969

Date Movie is the only movie that I ever walked out on. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was just so, so stupid. I haven’t seen any of the movies from those guys since.” — SnipeyMcSnipe

“I snuck into Dumb and Dumberer (the sequel). I snuck out five minutes later. So bad.” — InfamyDeferred

“Walked out of Alexander. Between the few battles the movie had was a wasteland of boredom. My brother told me that The Incredibles was playing in the next theater in fifteen minutes, so we made the easiest decisions of our lives.” — [deleted]