16 Things That Secretly Suck About Marriage
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16 Things That Secretly Suck About Marriage

“The constant refrain of ‘when are you going to get married’ from relatives turns into a constant refrain of ‘when are you going to have kids?'” — seanofkelley

“Finding out that your in laws (who put up with you and tried to act nice until you got married) are really assholes that normal people don’t want to deal with.” — Ok-Strain-9847

“Someone’s basically in your house all the time, especially since COVID work at home changes. I love my husband dearly but I just want to be alone sometimes.” — Iwentforalongwalk

“It sucks when your partner and sometimes you get too comfortable and complacent. You start slacking on the little things that matter to each other. No one likes to have to remind their partner to do things they used to do automatically.” — KAllen1962

“Having to split the holidays between the in-laws and always having someone mad because you can’t be at two places at once! Sucks! Because all you want is a peaceful time. It gets worse once you have kids. They all want to see the kids of course. We’ve since moved away from everyone and still get harassed about visiting.” — Twinwriter60

“For better or worse includes the worse. When your spouse has a chronic health issue, a mental health issue, substance abuse problems, you have committed to be there for at least a reasonable effort in carrying through it together. That can be taxing beyond belief.” — breakwater

“When you go through rough patches with your spouse. Maybe you aren’t spending enough quality time together (because life) or not having sex enough. So you fight/bicker more. Little annoyances become bigger problems. Until you finally talk through it and things get back on track.” — ShowBobsPlzz

“The tax benefits aren’t as great as you hoped.” — starry_mist

“Restaurant leftovers not still being in the fridge where you left them.” — HearTheCrushingSteel

“Having to decide what to eat every night for the rest of your life while trying to accommodate the other.” — KronikQueen

“Having to explain yourself for mundane decisions.” — OmenRah

“Learning to vocalize your intentions. ‘I’m thinking about not doing the dishes right now, maybe later, so don’t get mad at me,’ instead of – waiting until later to do the dishes, but running into a bunch of attitude about the pile dishes and then having to yell, ‘BUT I WAS GONNA!’ Nah, you need to vocalize your intentions, playa.” — feral_philosopher

“Changing your name! It’s such a nightmare.” — geochick93

“I absolutely adore my wife, but sometimes the compromises aren’t great. We do it out of love and devotion but once in a while it sucks. Anything from going to family gatherings, to what to watch on TV, to home decorating. We each have our own hobbies and interests so compromise is essential to a good marriage.” — Jefman30

“I will say as a guy who was not used to wearing jewelry, it took me a long time to acclimatize to wearing a ring. Nowadays I don’t even notice it’s there.” — EndoShota

“I lost my wife a few days ago. Marriage was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. What ‘sucks’ is when it’s all gone. Everyone bitches and moans about what they need to put up with when married but honestly I’d go through it all for eternity if it meant she was still by my side.” — rogerbrowngreen