16 Women Reveal How Men Ruin The Chemistry On Dates

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16 Women Explain How Men Ruin The Chemistry On Dates

“Gets angry when a woman tries to pay then feels entitled to sexual intimacy because he paid.” — RagingFuckalot

“Drives dangerously. I went on a date who went speeding through a parking lot, up and down the lanes, looking for a spot. Um, chill, please?” — supersupernormal

“Maybe I’m picky, but when a guy doesn’t even pretend to dress nicely for the date, it’s a major turn off. Like, showing up wearing a black hoodie has visible Cheeto dust where you wiped your hands, or maybe there’s a suspicious stain on the crotch of your pants. Yeah, I’m definitely not going to investigate that more closely with any part of my body…” — Dr_Mrs_Pibb

“Being on his phone way too much, especially when we’re at dinner/a restaurant/etc… I just find it really rude.” — truekwane

“Constantly talking about himself without asking anything about me, or when he does ask about me, interrupts me to talk about himself. In other words, completely dominating the conversation to speak about nothing else besides himself.” — JezebelleAcid

“Corrects you when you order a drink. Once I ordered the vodka soda on special and this douche says, ‘No, she won’t be having that. Give her the Belvedere.’ Another guy one time cancelled the wine I’d ordered and ordered something more expensive. It’s happened more than a few times. It’s really irritating.” — Bluetootsmagoo

“Talking about exes, his last hookups, or girls he finds hot besides you.” — janinek1987

“When they pick fun at your appearance or the things you do — not in the flirty way, in the way bullies do — and try to cover it up with them being shy or nervous. Like, thanks, I wasn’t aware I have a big forehead or I was wearing too much makeup or that I pronounce things funny, but I’ll forgive you because you are sooo nervous.” — [deleted]

“Talks about sex. First date is just too soon. Show me you’re interested in me, not just my body.” — Seachica

“Complains about ‘crazy’ women. Huge red flag. Bonus points if he’s complaining about a ‘crazy’ ex. You couldn’t have been incompatible. There couldn’t have been a lack of communication or passion in the relationship. She was just crazy. Nope, not buying it. Next.” — [deleted]

“Being too presumptuous or too pushy about what they think you want to do i.e. pushing getting laid instead of being polite and letting things happen naturally.” — SeriesOfAdjectives

“A lot of men tend to try to be impressive and it ends up coming across as condescending instead. And there’s no non-awkward way to politely say, ‘I already knew this thing you were really keen on explaining to me but not hearing my opinion on.'” — bog_witch

“The worst is when men are trying too hard to impress. I don’t need you to try show me how much you know about food/beer/wine/music/movies/exercise/whatever we’re talking about or trying to enjoy. Let’s just have a conversation, mmmkay? You don’t have to win.” — ceeceesmartypants

“Getting questioned to death about something you like because they are trying to prove that you are just saying those things to try and be interesting. Like no really I like video games.” — acamarillo

“That thing where they think contradicting everything you say will somehow make you fall madly in love with them.” — pazzoide

“Talking about marriage, babies, or our future. Dude, I just met you. That’s weird as hell. And I hate babies. So, no.” — hstarbird11