17 Unspoken Rules Of Hookups

17 Unspoken Rules Of Hookups

If you’re going to hook up with someone, make sure you keep things fun and respectful. Here are a few unspoken rules of hookups you should remember with your FWBs or one night stands:

“Sex is a judgement free time. You should never comment on someone’s body (unless you’re saying good things). It’s a very vulnerable time.” — Cornfields24

“If they make funny moans during sex, don’t make a comment about it. Odds are they’re totally in the moment and trusting you the most at that time.” — therealdildoexpert

“What happens in the bedroom… That’s between you and the other person. Some folks will let themselves be vulnerable with people they trust but it isn’t cool to have one of them tell the dirty details. It ain’t a zoo, shouldn’t talk about the dirty animal stuff you saw without consent. You can talk about what you like and what you are into, but you wouldn’t show nudes of the other person without their consent. Why would you paint a picture about their interaction?” — Mysteriousdeer

“Even if the other person didn’t ask about your STD history, if you have something, say something.” — DallasFreestyle_ftJ

“Talk during sex, say what you want, communication is important!” — Fevrier6

“You are allowed to stop at any time for any reason without penalties.” — ecto_27

“Don’t try a kink that may not be taken well by most people without discussing it first.” — DallasFreestyle_ftJ

“If anyone says ow, ouch, or that hurts, DO NOT KEEP DOING THE SAME THING.” — MrBigRagePig

“Don’t use teeth. Please, unless explicitly told to, don’t use teeth.” — MrBigRagePig

“If you’re having a nice dinner before a night of romance, skip the asparagus. If you think asparagus pee doesn’t smell good, just wait until you go down on someone after they had asparagus with dinner. You’ve been warned.” — lucas_mat

“Vag to ass, never ass to vag. That’s how we get kidney infections.” — AlterEdward

“Pregame is important.” — AlternativeTie3233

“You pullout game is not strong. Wear a condom.” — dogsong11

“If you or they fart or queef, just move on like nothing happened.” — imnotsteven7

“Piss afterward. Do not just sleep.” — Gin_and_Khronic

“Leave your partner in as good (or better) emotional condition as you found them.” — stblawyer

HAVE FUN. It’s sex! It’s not a ‘are you worth existing’ test. Relax, go crazy, be an animal. Enjoy yourselves.” — TeaRexQueen