18 Married Couples Reveal What They Miss Most About Being Single

18 Married Couples Reveal What They Miss Most About Being Single

Being married isn’t always smooth sailing. Here are some things married couples miss about being young and single:

“The excitement of first dating someone you like.” — peenpeenpeen

“Not having to do laundry every other day. When I was single, I could get away with doing laundry twice a month. Now I’m lucky to make it a full week without doing a load.” — SpyJane

“Friends. Don’t get me wrong, my wife has done nothing to isolate me. But when you marry your soulmate and best friend, it’s easy to think that’s all you’ll ever need. Add a long-hours job to the mix, and before you know it she’s the only person you interact with away from your desk. Then kids come along, and you’d sacrifice anything for your family – especially free time. But the kids grow up, and your wife craves time away from you and the kids. Then one day you realize – you’re alone.” — KrispyRice9

“Traveling alone. I mean I could travel alone if I really wanted, but it would feel kinda mean to be like, ‘Hey I’m gonna plan a really big cool trip, and you’re not invited!’” — cadmiumredorange

“Not sleeping next to someone who snores.” — rowenaravenclaw0

“Cooking alone. I hate when people are milling about when I cook.” — Morticiar

“The ability to jack off whenever I wanted without judgement or hurt feelings.” — ManualAuxveride

“Not having to consider anyone else when making a decision.” — BRN3R_ACCNT

“Tidiness. My wife is super messy. I’m not expecting her to change. But I do miss it.” — kiel814

“Not having to share my leftovers. When I was single, I could treat myself to Chinese food and the leftovers were mine. Now I have to be considerate and share, it’s terrible.” — Good-Caterpillar-907

“Being alone and not feeling guilty about it.” — bakerzdosen

“Sleeping in the middle of the bed like a starfish.” — VodkaMargarine

“Quietness. Except for TV, music, or video games, it was so quiet in my house . Now have a wife and three little girls it’s a mad house. Sometimes when it’s just me and the dog I look over and apologize to him.” — mikeypipes01

“Things being where I left them.” — Linison

“Controlling the remote at all times. And watching ANYTHING without constant streaming commentary.” — Xhxxghchd

“Not having to be quiet when I’m up early.” — P-Taters

“I had so much more disposable income when I was single.” — bunny22307

Only having to clean my mess. Otherwise my life is better in almost every way.” —spookyANDhungry