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2 Zodiacs Whose Life Will Take A Dramatic U-Turn This Weekend (November 17 – 19)

We all want to be in the driver’s seat for our lives. We steer our way through all the potholes and speedbumps of life and just hope that we don’t crash. Sometimes, whether we want it to or not, we come upon a drastic life change. It could be because we drove ourselves in the direction of the change, or maybe it just popped up, taking us by surprise.

Though nothing is guaranteed, the following two zodiac signs are likely to come upon a big life change this weekend. Your life as you knew it will take a dramatic U-turn, either because you wanted it to, or from something completely out of your control. Will you go with the flow or accept this new version of your life?


It feels like things just sort of happen to you. You have a whole stable of anecdotes at the ready to impress upon people just how chaotic your life can truly be. Have you ever stopped to wonder where that chaos is coming from? Truth be told, you are a magnet for wild encounters because you go looking for them, whether you know it or not.

This weekend, keep an eye out for these kinds of opportunities. Look for openings to do something different with your day. Say yes to seemingly weird propositions. Go with the flow of your inherent chaos and you’re likely to find ways to completely turn your life around–or at least put you on that trajectory.


You hate having a boring weekend at home. Whether you go out or stay in, you’d prefer to be doing something interesting. It’s the inherent adventurous nature that Sagittarius is known for. When you embrace your adventurous side, you wind up doing things you never would have dreamed of.

Rather than sitting at home this weekend, encouraged to sleep off the shortening days and icky weather, do something else instead. What does your adventurous brain encourage you to do on a weekend like this? Whatever it is, follow that thread and get out of the house. You may meet someone or do something that could change your entire life for the better.