20 Netflix Series Worth Watching With Your Person
Anastasia Shuraeva

20 Netflix Shows Worth Watching With Your Person

It’s hard to pick what to watch when there’s so much content out there to choose from. But we’re here to make your decision easier on you! Here are some of the best series on Netflix right now:

Haunting of Hill House is under-appreciated. There is a really interesting article about how similar the family dynamics are to Encanto.” — Original_Channel_772

Castlevania. This is my personal favorite. Love every single character. Amazing animation. Great story. Wouldn’t change a thing.” — JustforU

“The Good Place. I just finished binging it two days ago. I loved every minute of it.” — CarlatheDestructor

“Everyone sleeps on American Vandal. Sure, it may look juvenile from the outside but when you dig in it’s a fantastic and fascinating deconstruction of true crime documentaries, not to mention absolutely hilarious.” — coolkyledude

“Derry Girls. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. You’ll thank me later.” — Keithninety

“Black Mirror. I will watch San Junipero at least once a month until the day I die. Probably at least twice a month really.” — SgtSloth

“Ozark. Absolute banger. Jason Bateman deserves some sort of award for this role along with Wendy, but God bless, I hate her so much. Her brother was a really good actor! And Ruth, God, the show was made for her! It’s a show that doesn’t fluctuate your emotions all over the place and keeps you honest. Like you could potentially see yourself in their same predicament. I loved it. It’s a coffee table show that I think everyone can agree to watch.” — Trapdoormonkey

Cobra Kai. A karate kid spin off series has no reason to be as good as it is and not feel like a cash grab.” — Following-False

“People need to watch Dark. It’s fucking phenomenal.” — Dwychwder

“No one talking about the most expensive Netflix series ever? Altered Carbon S1. A fucking masterpiece. Incredible sets, great actors (Kinnaman is extraordinary and I don’t say that lightly), and it fucking nails the spirit of cyberpunk, which has a lot to say about the times we’re living in.” — DeadOnBaIIsAccurate

“I haven’t seen anyone mention Godless. It’s top notch if you like westerns, and by the same guy behind The Queen’s Gambit.” — Minifig_Monkey

Better Call Saul all the way!!!” — ilikeshrimpsman

I Am Not Okay With This and it was cancelled! I am not okay with THAT!” — Genderfluid_Cookies

“Arcane. I put off watching it for ages because I never got into League of Legends. But it is phenomenal.” — SalamanderSylph

Mindhunter is a masterpiece.” — Velocity_2

“It’s got Arrested Development and I’m glad for it. Fucking hilarious show.” — bostonsjaegeronrye

“Bojack Horseman. Breaks my fucking heart every damn time.” — hollybiochem

“Lucifer. The first seasons were great, even if some viewers found the storyline tiresome toward the end of S3. I still enjoyed the corpse of the week pacing enjoyable. Season 4 was the start of the Netflix era, and story arcs got tighter, effects more sophisticated.” — catsasss

Breaking Bad. Everything was so well done. Acting, cinematography, editing, writing, etc. It’s maybe the best series ever in my opinion.” — Jengus_Roundstone

A Series of Unfortunate Events is really good IMO, I love the dry absurd humor, and Neil Patrick Harris really kills it as Count Olaf” — EpicBK