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24 Guys Share The Most Important Things They Learned About Women After Dating Them

Every relationship is a learning experience. For a lot of guys, that means learning the ins and outs of how women tick. Someone recently asked what things men learned about women when they were in a relationship. Some of this is super sweet, while others are just plain funny.

That birth control can affect her a lot.

Birth control can literally change a person. It’s fucked


A hug can solve a lot of problems.

A good hug when “nothing” is wrong works wonders.


Communication is actually very important.

COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING. Seriously, if there’s an unanswered question, fucking mention it and get the answer. Neither men nor women are mind readers. So many things can be avoided by just talking with the other one in the relationship.


The best relationships have honest and open communication.

With my first serious girlfriend after college, I learned that I could have a relationship with open and honest communication, owning our emotional reactions, not being manipulative, and putting ourselves in our partner’s shoes.

In my next relationship, I learned that not every partner will do that.

It really prepared me for meeting my now-wife, because I could expect that and communicate that expectation to her early on, which laid the foundation for a healthy and communicative relationship.


They don’t always want a solution.

They don’t want solutions, they want empathy, and for you to listen.


Honesty really is the best option.

Actually the most valuable thing I’ve learnt is be honest. If I’m going to the pub and know I’ll be back late, just be straight up and tell it like it is. Most girls like honesty (seems fairly obvious doesn’t it). The relationship I’m in now has been by far the best because I don’t try to play games which has got me into trouble in the past. Honesty and transparency. It’s the key.


Women carry a lot of guilt.

Honestly? How much unnecessary guilt women carry around with them over everything.

First girlfriend I had (18 at the time) everytime I did something nice would either apologize or promise some kind of sexual reward. At first it seemed hot but after a few times in a row I just told her I wasn’t doing nice things for a reward but because I cared about her. Made her cry and we talked it out afterwards but yeah after that (and just other things I talked to my female friends about) my eyes were opened to how invalid women seem to feel.


Periods are actually the worst.

Until I actually lived with my partner it was hard to comprehend just how often a period comes, how long it lasts, and how much it can affect your day to day.

What a pain in the ass. I do not envy the ladies.


Arguments aren’t about winning and losing.

An issue/argument is not a win lose situation every time. Take time to compromise and learn from each other instead.


Sometimes it’s the little things.

What might be a really small thing for me to give her (a gesture, compliment, smile, etc.) can mean a whole lot to her.


“Do what you want” is never good.

The statement “just do what you want “ no matter the tone, means you fucked up.


Women often need more than just intercourse.

That penetration without clitoral stimulation doesn’t do the trick for a lot of women.


People aren’t mind-readers when it comes to sex.

You have to teach someone how to be a good lover to you.

People don’t magically know how to meet your needs. And they certainly can’t read your mind.


It kind of sucks to be a woman.

Periods suck. Bras suck. Shaving suck. Women don’t get enough pockets on their clothing. And they appreciate compliments A LOT on things they may be insecure about. (Like stretch marks or thighs)


Don’t forget your sunscreen.

I used to be firmly in tan camp – Id have a heavy bronze from like May til October – but my gf (now wife) got me fully on board with religious sunscreening any time I’m going to be outside. Sure, I may look like a ghost now, but I’m gonna look like a young ghost!


They don’t complain about the toilet seat for fun.

They tell you to put the seat down on the toilet because they legit fall in if they don’t notice.


Just pretend the bathroom doesn’t even exist.

Sometimes you need to leave, like go outside and far away, so they can poop.


Her hair is everywhere.

Hair. It gets fucking everywhere.


There are never too many hangers.

You don’t have enough hangers.


Snoring isn’t just for men anymore.

She can snore like a freight train.


Sharing is caring.

My French fries are her French fries.


And that share includes clothes.

That my hoodies are actually her hoodies


Makeup isn’t cheap.

Makeup is expensive as fuck.


Bobby pins are magic.

Bobbypins are magical items that will materialize out of thin air