3 Concrete Signs You’re Way Too Attached To Your Situationship

While attachment is a normal component of human relationships and the emotional bonds that come with connection, there is definitely such a thing as being too attached to another person. And when it comes to situationships, here are three concrete signs you’re way too attached.

1. You’re treating your situationship like a committed relationship (even though it’s not).

If you’re too attached to your situationship, you may be treating them as if they are a serious partner. For example, you may feel guilty if you flirt with someone else at the bar or wait to make weekend plans until you know whether they’re free or not. You may even go as far to cancel plans if they text you to “hang out.”

But until you’ve established exclusivity and defined the relationship, you are not committed to them and they are not committed to you. For all intents and purposes, you are single and should behave as such (as should they). You do not owe them prioritization because that falls under relationship territory, and they don’t deserve relationship privileges until they commit to you. Full stop.

2. You ignore their disrespect.

You’ve placed your situationship on a pedestal. Basically, they can do no wrong. You have a mental Rolodex of excuses for their less-than-ideal behavior, and you cycle through each of these “reasons” on the regular. They blow you off last minute? That’s fine! Work has been so busy for them. They leave you on read for three weeks? Whatever! They probably just forgot to reply.

Even though you’re not in a defined relationship, you should never tolerate disrespect. But if you’re too attached to your situationship, you will ignore their slights because you don’t want to ruin the illusion of hope you have that this could become something real one day.

3. You’re incredibly anxious whenever you’re apart from your situationship.

For example, if you don’t hear from them for a day or two, you’re basically a wreck because you think this means they’ve moved on. You’re fully aware of the precarious position you hold in their life after all. You’re honestly just white knuckling your days and waited to be ghosted. This is a tell-tale sign you’re too attached. Because your situationship shouldn’t dictate your daily life and/or your self-worth. If they do, this is a sign you need to either define the relationship or walk away.