3 Ways Cancers, Scorpios, And Pisces Act When They Love Someone

Water signs are the emotional, intuitive figures of the Zodiac, and consist of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. With Cancer being the first water sign in the Zodiac year, Cancer marks the entrance into the unconscious domain. Cancer is known as the “mother sign” of the Zodiac and instinctively protects those they love. Scorpio is the next water sign and associated with passion, emotional power, and strong transformative abilities. Scorpio has a drive to dive into the depths, and as a fixed sign, is grounded in emotionality. Pisces is the final water sign of the Zodiac, and nurtures the capacity to daydream, transcend, and seek unification. As the most spiritually connected sign, Pisces feeds empathic and psychic tendencies.

1. They’re here to feel their way through life

Water signs heavily rely on emotional connection to navigate reality. When in healthy expression, water signs are whole-hearted, open-minded, life-loving individuals who embrace the entire spectrum of what it means to be human. When in partnership with a water sign, be prepared to witness the strength expressed when one commits to finding wisdom beyond intellectual and practical avenues alone. Water signs are natural nurtures and healers, and these gifts are best expressed as water signs learn to nurture and heal from within. In love, water signs’ emotional intelligence is a gift that will gradually be unfolding.

2. They’re connected to soul — and will guide you into yours

In a world dominated with left-brained and logical thinking, the actions and process of a water sign may at first seem puzzling. Water signs have an affinity towards the unconscious domain, leading them to seek unity in ways many of us are not naturally drawn or conscious to. Water signs’ connection to soul (the immortal, immaterial part of self) is constantly guiding them towards a deeper sense of authenticity. As water signs feel safe and secure in a relationship, they’re capable of expressing deep devotion free from the constraints of codependency. As this connection strengthens, water signs join as a supportive partner who will help you seek avenues for your own personal fulfillment and belonging.

3. They crave honesty

With keen awareness of their own unconscious patterns and tendencies, water signs are gifted with empathy. Their strong connection to self, including the shadows, leads them to be deeply forgiving, caring, and accepting of others’ processes. These signs desire honesty, as honesty is a pathway towards vulnerability, connection, and healing. Due to their intuitive strengths, a Water sign will likely pick up on any forms of repression, inauthenticity, or lying. These signs are no stranger to the beauty-pain, “this is what it means to be human” continuum. Few are as willing to stand with you in your vulnerability; as it reflects back to them their desire to fully hold space for the human condition. A water sign understands that meaningful relationships don’t simply happen overnight, and wishes to do the work with you in every sense of the matter.