3 Zodiac Duos Who Are Bad Influences On One Another

There’s nothing quite like finding your ideal companion in life, allowing you each to share your overlapping interests, hobbies, and distinct senses of humor as you embark on numerous adventures together. As rewarding an experience as it is to come across your spiritual counterpart, some zodiac duos tend to bring out the worst in one another, negatively influencing one another’s actions and personalities the more time they spend together.

Aries + Cancer

Polar opposites in more ways than one, Aries and Cancer might bring a sense of balance and harmony to their friendship, but in the end, their contrasting worldviews lead to all kinds of arguments. Whereas Aries craves excitement and endless activity, Cancers are more comfortable sitting back for a restful weekend at home. As a result, stressful tensions can form between these two signs whenever they try to formulate their plans, forcing one of them to concede to the others’ wants (at the cost of their own individual needs).

Leo + Scorpio

Due to their overwhelming differences, the friendship between a Leo and a Scorpio is essentially a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Due to their opposing personalities and temperaments, it’s only a matter of time before Leo and Scorpio are at each other’s throats, screaming at one another until they’re red in the face. While Scorpio might be drawn to Leo’s outward charm, they have little patience for Leo’s constant attempts to hog the limelight. Leos, on the other hand, find Scorpio’s introspective nature aloof and more than a little frustrating, constantly demanding that their companion speak their minds, even when it’s clear that Scorpio would rather keep quiet.

Libra + Virgo

In a group setting, Libra and Virgo get along like a house on fire, attracting everyone to their conversations as they play off of one another’s comedic sensibilities and energetic nature. Once it’s just the two of them in a room, however, these two signs can find it difficult to communicate in a clear and concise manner. Loudly talking over one another as they vie for control of the conversation, Libra and Virgo feel the consistent need to one-up each other in their interactions, regularly feeling like they’re in a competition whenever they come face-to-face.