Matthew Moloney

3 Zodiac Signs That Cling Too Tightly To The Past


Taurus is known to be incredibly loyal and stable. They value family, tradition, and sentimental objects. With that, they tend to hold on tightly to memories and people of the past. They are also very stubborn, so even in general they have a hard time letting things — and people — go.


This water sign is incredibly sensitive — not only do they have heavy emotions but they empathize deeply with others. They’re nurturers who find joy in taking care of others and love spending time with family and friends. Because of that, they are nostalgic for the comforts of the past. And at their worst, they can hold onto grudges too…


As one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, Pisces is not one to let go of memories. They have a strong emotional connection to the past, making themselves sit in a constant state of nostalgia and sentiment. They will remember both the good and the bad times and will hold on tightly to them.