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3 Zodiacs That Make The Best Tarot Card Readers


It’s no surprise that Scorpios are often considered rulers of the tarot card deck. You have a deep sense of self and an ability to read other people that often surprises those around you. Your connection with your own intuition (and those of others) makes you an uncannily good tarot card reader. If you’ve noticed that people often come to you for advice on something you shouldn’t be able to predict, this might be a further sign that reading tarot cards could net you some solid ideas about the paths you and your loved ones should take in the future. 


You’re known for your imagination and intuition, Pisces. You’re also often known to be a spiritual sign, or at least are good at engaging in spiritual practices – think journaling and meditation. You’re also good at connecting things together in your mind, creating stories and meanings from the cards that you draw. This can make you a vivid tarot card reader, helping others understand what their cards mean for their personal life and the steps they should take in the future. Guided by your never-ending creativity and intuition, you’re likely to make a highly proficient tarot card reader. 


Thanks to your natural sense of empathy and deep spirituality, tarot cards might just be for you. Your ruling planet, the moon, is often associated with spirituality and spiritual practices. This could make you highly proficient when it comes to practicing with tarot cards, giving you a leg up when it comes to reading and understanding them. Your empathy and caring nature when it comes to others can help them benefit the most from your readings, allowing you to guide them both in understanding what their cards mean and how they can take action for their own futures.