Photo by Zarina Khalilova

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Luck Will Skyrocket During The Flower Full Moon On May 23, 2024


A full moon during Gemini season – we love it! This full moon occurs in Sagittarius, which is a compatible and harmonious fire sign for Gemini. During this time, Geminis may find themselves feeling more adventurous and open-minded, making them more receptive to new opportunities and experiences. The Flower Full Moon’s energy encourages growth and abundance, potentially leading to fortunate encounters and positive outcomes in various aspects of their lives. Additionally, the full moon’s illumination can bring clarity and insight, allowing Geminis to see things from a broader perspective and make informed decisions. They may feel inspired to take bold steps toward their goals, knowing that luck is on their side.


The expansive energy of Sagittarius encourages Virgos to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new possibilities with confidence. They may receive intuitive guidance or sudden flashes of inspiration that lead to fortunate breakthroughs or advancements. Additionally, the Flower Full Moon’s energy brings with it fortune and prosperity, making it an ideal time for Virgos to set intentions, visualize their goals, and take action toward manifesting their desires. Luck may manifest in the form of unexpected opportunities, positive synchronicities, or fortunate encounters.


The Flower Full Moon will bring with it lots of bounty for Scorpios. The Sagittarius Full Moon will encourage Scorpios to be optimistic, therefore being a magnet to positive outcomes and to like minded people. With this optimism it’ll create a ripple effect, bringing luck and opportunity with it. By tapping into their intuition, embracing adventure, and setting clear intentions, Scorpios can experience a significant increase in luck and positive outcomes during this lunar phase.