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3 Zodiacs Entering Their Comeback Era On December 5

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Sure, you want everything to work out. You might even have tried your hardest to have everything slot into place. And yet here you are, deep in an era of struggle. Even bad moments in your life have an expiration date–a time when you can rise from the ashes a new and better version of yourself. I have good news for three signs in the zodiac: December 5 is the beginning of your comeback era. You’re back and better than ever.


Things just haven’t been going your way for a while now. It’s like every step forward you make, you get shoved back ten. Even when things felt like they were going right, there was some big mistake that got overlooked and you were always the one catching the blame. This December 5, start flipping your perception of how you see your life. You’re not a failure or a klutz–you’re dynamic and fun. Rise from the ashes of recent mistakes and reinvent yourself as the interesting and complicated creature that you’ve become. Welcome to your comeback era!


You’re the type to seethe and simmer. It’s the brooding part of your personality, Scorpio–the one that makes you seem all interesting and mysterious. But that insular attitude also means that you keep it a secret when you’re struggling, suffering in silence rather than letting anyone know something is wrong. That’s why, when you enter your comeback era on December 5, so many people won’t even see it coming. You’re entering this new phase of your life with a bang, and you can relish in the fact that you’re going to knock a lot of socks off.


You hate the idea of not being in full control of your life. If you were, maybe things wouldn’t have gone south recently. You would have been able to steer your way into a better lane. Alas, that’s not how it went, and now you have to embrace a little reinvention in order to have the great life you deserve. That’s why your comeback era is so necessary. December 5 is your chance to start a new phase that brings you closer to everything you’ve ever wanted.