3 Zodiacs Entering Their Lucky Girl Era This Taurus Season

Lucky girl syndrome is a byproduct of embracing positivity and rewiring one’s mind to stay open to miracles. Most of us are hardwired to look for the negative, but these Zodiacs are ready to align themselves with their deepest heart’s desires, wishes, and goals this Taurus season.


We enter the season of your adversary, Taurus, on April 20. As adversarial signs, you both strive towards fulfillment and stability, although Taurus tends to seek these qualities through the tangible world whereas you are driven towards the internal, emotional, and metaphysical. For you, Scorpio, Taurus season provides a needed resting ground. As you rediscover safety in your body, a calmed nervous system allows you to channel your innate gifts and strengths in a way that effortlessly serves your soul. This era of manifestation is born not of labored strength, but rather by embracing softness, stillness, and ease.


As a fixed fire sign, Leo, you yearn to share the spotlight down every avenue you walk through. Perhaps the most easily misunderstood of the Zodiacs, you struggle when others interpret your actions or intentions wrong. As we enter Taurus season, a fixed earth sign, you’re invited to slow down, remember your intentions, and rediscover what you need to feel safe and secure. Learning to care for your environment and provide for yourself the basics you need on your life journey will inspire you to feel supported as you burn brightly as the star you are.


Community-loving Aquarius, both you and Taurus share similar qualities as fixed signs. With you being the humanitarian, eccentric, and truth-telling air sign, Taurus brings about balance to your ethereal nature with their grounded, earth-like characteristics. You embody your highest self when embracing your unique personality, and Taurus season inspires a sense of steady stability. Your soul longs for full permission to blossom, and this is a gift only you can give yourself. The world is ready and waiting.