Lucas Lima

3 Zodiacs Outgrowing Outdated Love As Venus Enters Leo (7/11)

Venus is the planet of loving, romantic charm. As its magnetism turns on, desires are magnetized towards us. Venus enters the realm of fiery Leo on July 11, 2024. When the planet of romance enters bold, passionate Leo, feelings, and intentions become clear. There’s no time to play games. 

While this transit will bring romantic activity to us all in varying degrees, four zodiacs will experience the most cathartic transformation during this transit. Their intuition clearly defines core issues in their romantic life, allowing them to dismiss outdated patterns.


Virgo Sun, Moon, and Rising signs experience an emotional purge as Venus enters Leo. Past emotions that were buried away long ago resurface. There’s an evident need to process deeper psychological concerns. Moving forward in love, it’ll become clear that Virgos needs to hit the rewind button. Where did it all go wrong? How can you get back on the right track?

Self-sacrifice is no longer the answer. As they identify all that they’ve brushed under the rug to appease others, you can no longer dismiss your emotional needs. It’s time to reset. Reconnecting with themselves in solitude reminds them of who they are, at their core. This Venusian transit reveals where they’ve been sabotaging themselves to feel worthy of love. As they outgrow this outdated love pattern, they will welcome boundaries, clear communication, and self-preservation.


Capricorn Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are coming to understand their deeper emotional needs. To trust someone requires faith in another abiding by their values and morals. To have profound respect for one another, your love life requires transparency. There can no longer be ego battles, power struggles, or unnecessary confusion. Making your feelings and intentions clear is the only way to ensure that your foundation is strong as a pairing. 

Single and coupled Capricorns alike are outgrowing petty or immature love. Now looking for meaningful connection, emotional intelligence becomes crucial. There’s an element of intense transformation brewing. As they welcome this new approach to love, they must shed beliefs and approaches to romance that were never true to their soul. Inner healing, along with relying on close loved ones, allows this Earth sign to overcome self-limiting patterns in love. 


As Venus enters Leo, Pisces Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are confronted with outdated habits in love. Taking over responsibility for others’ feelings and actions is no longer sustainable. To evolve romantically, they must stop excusing others at the expense of validating their emotional experience. Creating a healthy container for accountability in their connections becomes important.

As much as they crave helping others, they must remember that they’re worthy of support as well. It’s natural to take on extra chores, tasks, or emotional labor occasionally in any partnership. However, there needs to be a better self-analysis of when saying “yes” to another means saying “no” to their needs. Putting their priorities on pause to uplift another will only build resentment. This Water sign will learn how to set healthy boundaries during this transit.