Katerina Holmes

3 Zodiacs Ready To Find Their Soulmate On May 9

The idea of soulmates is a wonderful thing, right? It’s the fairytale idea that you’ll find your perfect partner–someone who matches you in important ways while also complementing you in ways that you aren’t. They’re the missing piece to your puzzle that makes you finally feel complete. But it doesn’t have to be a piece of fiction. We all have perfect partners out there as long as we’re ready to find them. Speaking of which, these three zodiac signs are more ready than ever to find their soulmate on May 9. Their hearts are open to a fresh spring love that can morph into something long-lasting. Are you on the list?


As one of the most impulsive signs of the zodiac, you rarely stop to plan where you want to go. Instead, you go by how you’re feeling at any given moment, propelled in the right direction by your subconscious. Right now though, you’re feeling particularly romantic. Maybe it’s all those flowers popping up around you, spring fever turning transforming you into the romantic you are deep down. On May 9, you’re shifting your focus back on dating. And, just like with any endeavor you set your sights on, you’re going to be more likely than ever to reach your goal of finding your soulmate. All you need to do is want it.


Although you’re one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, you aren’t always ready to find your soulmate. There’s this fear of failure that can come into play. What if you try to find your perfect partner and you come up empty? Or you think you’ve found them and then the relationship crashes and burns? But right now, all those “what ifs” are falling away and you’re left hoping. That kind of hope–that you’ll finally enter the life you’ve always dreamed of–will finally set the dominos in motion for you to find your soulmate.


Are you done trying to fix everyone else’s problems? While you’re great at giving advice to people you care about, that attitude shifts all your focus onto others rather than to yourself. On May 9, you’re finally feeling like you should center yourself as the main character again. When you put yourself first, you’ll radiate energy of self-love and abundance, making it much easier to attract someone who deserves you.