3 Zodiacs Tense About A New Relationship Phase

Taking the next step in your relationship might not be as simple as it sounds. Whether you’re contemplating moving in together, putting an official label on your relationship, getting married, or having children, it’s natural for you to feel nervous. You just have to take the time to explore those feelings an ask yourself whether you’re worried because this isn’t the right person for you, or because the unknown is always scary even when it feels right. Here are the zodiacs who have been feeling nervous about beginning a new chapter in their relationship: 


Taurus, you always want to stick to your routine because there’s comfort in familiarity. You like knowing what you’re going to get, even if you aren’t entirely thrilled with what you’re getting. Although the thought of taking that next step with your partner excites you, it also scares the hell out of you. You’re terrified that the dynamic between you is going to change, that you are going to end up regretting your decision soon. But love is about risks. You need to be brave and take a chance on your partner, and on yourself, if you feel like you’re in the right relationship. There’s always a chance you could get hurt or that your decision could backfire on you, but that’s a risk you need to take if you want a real, committed relationship.


You would never admit that you’re scared out loud because you want everyone to think of you as bold and fearless. However, you have been on your own for so long that the idea of taking the next step with this person terrifies you. You know you can handle life on your own. You know you don’t need another person in order to feel fulfilled. So it’s tempting to throw away this whole relationship and protect your heart by isolating it. Of course, if you know that this person is right for you, you would never want to put them through that type of heartbreak. You don’t want to go through that heartbreak yourself either. Although you aren’t used to sharing everything with another person, and thinking so selflessly, you need to challenge yourself to change if you really think this person is worth it.


Even though you love your partner and trust your partner, you can’t stop your pessimistic thoughts from invading. There’s a part of you that feels like you’re being tricked, like you’re going to wake up one morning and realize that this person was horrible for you after all. But that’s your cynicism talking. It might be hard to accept how well your partner treats you because you’ve been treated so horribly in the past, but you can’t blame this person for what exes and old flames have put you through. This is a fresh start. This isn’t a repeat of history. If you believe this person is worth your effort, then you need to push past your fears and open your heart up to them completely. No half measures.