Dean Drobot

3 Zodiacs That Are The Biggest Flirts But Are Actually Sexually Selective


Sagittarius is famously stereotyped as disloyal and people assume this feisty fire sign is down to have casual “fun” with anyone they find cute. But what they really are is naturally warm and adventurous both inside and outside of the bedroom. Sagittarius can actually be very loyal if they’ve made a commitment to you and you treat them right. They know their limits and are actually a big tease despite all their raunchy jokes and flirty behavior. You may be disappointed to discover that the salacious Sagittarius who has sent you all those out-of-pocket sexts is actually more interested in figuring out whether you stimulate them mentally before they give you “full” access to them physically. If you can’t reciprocate their dirty talk and banter in clever and witty ways, they’ll easily get bored and run off to find a more intellectually challenging partner that can stimulate both their mind and body. To this philosophical sign, your inability to excite them mentally means you will be unlikely to fulfill them physically. Even when they’re single and free, they still tend to be more sexually selective than people think. At least, Sagittarius women generally are. We can’t speak for (or be held liable for) the Sagittarius men. 


Taurus, you need to stop leading people on. Ruled by Venus, you have that naturally seductive loverboy (or lovergirl) energy that draws everyone to you and you can’t help but flirt with everyone you’re attracted to and make waves. You’ve likely made people fall in love just by the friendly and gregarious way you carry yourself – winking at just the right moments, making intense eye contact, finding every excuse to touch us, and lowering your voice five octaves when you speak to us in tantalizing and hypnotic ways…wait, what was I saying? Oh, right. Your alluring charisma is an aphrodisiac, but your various suitors may be a bit miffed to find out that you’re just not all that “serious.” You flirt for the sake of flirting but you’re a natural homebody that tends to settle down and cozy up with one “main” partner.


Scorpio, you’re known for having a voracious sex drive. That doesn’t mean you always act on it, though. People are magnetized to you and your mysterious charm. They love your dark humor and intensely sensual way of flirting with them. Some might even accuse you of flirting with everyone when all you’re doing is just existing in your smoldering demeanor. Yet you tend to be picky when it comes to your sexual partners and people would be surprised to find out that despite all your sexual experimentation and natural kinkiness, you do have high standards and preferences for who you bed, wed, and play with. You “vet” your partners thoroughly well ahead of time to ensure they have what it takes. After all, you’re quite attentive to what pleases your lovers and are about to give these people a life-changing experience. The least they can do is bring something to the table (which you’ll most likely be christening too with your exciting “activities”).