Bruno Henrike

The 5 Sexiest Rising Zodiac Signs of All Time

These rising signs have an unparalleled magnetism and sex appeal.

Your rising sign is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the exact time of your birth. Your rising sign is very important as it also determines the sign of each of the 12 houses in your birth chart. It also offers just as much powerful insight as your sun sign, influencing your physical attributes as well as how you come across to others. Although it’s known as the “mask” we wear, it also points to deeper personality traits that governs how we carry ourselves in the world and the energy we bring into it. Some rising signs carry a magnetic energy into this world that is unparalleled. Here are five of the sexiest rising signs and what makes them so utterly seductive:

Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Risings are some of the most powerful and sexiest beings on this planet. The femme fatale of the zodiac, they usually have a piercing and smoldering gaze that peers through the depths of your soul, beautifully sharp facial features, and luxurious hair. Not only are they physically hot, their dark and mysterious personality is captivating and they evoke positive changes in the lives of others, influencing people without even trying. You also have a penchant for pissing people off – in a good way. That’s because you’re authentic and wild by nature, unfiltered by societal expectations. You speak the truth even when people don’t want to hear it and you bow down to no one. You are bold and unafraid of going through the cycles of figurative death and rebirth – so you inspire transformation in everyone who comes across you.

As a Scorpio ascendant, you have sexual tension with just about everyone. Your favorite bartender, barista, your professor, the annoying woman next door, your personal trainer – they’re all mesmerized by you and you sense that there’s some underlying heat and passion in every conversation. You can’t help it, you naturally exude sensual energy. You can also make anyone submit to you through the presence of your power alone. You’re intimidating and dominating – and people secretly love being put in their place by you, even though they’d never admit it.

Leo Rising

Leo is the star of every show and Leo Risings command attention through their charm, wit, and pride. Their warmth puts others at ease and they are naturally popular, always shining robustly in a crowd. Their cheery disposition and knack for entertaining place Leos on center stage when it comes to oozing sex appeal. You will usually find Leo risings in provocative or seductive attire that fit them in all the right places. “All eyes on me,” is their daily mantra.

Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius risings are jovial and cheery in everything they do, and like Leo risings bring a bright, fiery light to every room they enter. They have a unique joie de vivre that is hard for anyone to replicate. They are seductive in their playfulness and flirtatiousness, exuding an effortless confidence and sense of adventure that captures everyone’s attention. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius risings are always abundant in how lucky they are; they exude positivity and leave a magical imprint on everyone they meet. At the same time, they are philosophers who are always searching for truth: their inquisitiveness, sharp intellect, and bluntness gives them an edge that can be very sexy.

Taurus Rising

Taurus risings are stable, romantic, and resilient. It’s their gentleness and ability to offer a safe haven that makes them such alluring and sexy partners. They have naturally pleasant demeanors and although they are strong and self-assured like the bull, they often aren’t aware of how attractive they are, and this humble confidence makes them even more sexy. They also like to stay in control, which can lead to fun adventures in the bedroom. But the sexiest trait of all? They are calm and sweet, staying grounded even in chaos.

Libra Rising

Libras often give off a youthful appearance and are the epitome of grace and elegance. With their delicate, symmetrical features and glowing complexion, Libra is gentle, easygoing, and affectionate, making them instantly likable to others. Governed by the planet Venus, Libra rising is filled with balance, love, beauty and glamour. They are the ethereal fairies of the Zodiac.