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3 Zodiacs That Need To Focus On Dating Themselves This Month


Virgo, your dedication to detail can sometimes spiral into self-criticism and picking apart at your different areas of your life. This month it’s crucial to grant yourself some respite. Treat yourself to solo dates where you can relish your own company without the pressure of expectations from others.

Indulge in self-care rituals that replenish your spirit and remind you of your worth – the latter is incredibly important to your growth this year Virgo. Practice affirming yourself with positive words and little gestures of kindness, acknowledging that you are deserving of love – particularly from yourself.


Scorpio, you can sometimes grapple with tendencies toward jealousy and possessiveness within relationships. This month presents the perfect opportunity to foster a deeper bond with yourself. Take that energy you’d usually put into someone else and focus on you.

Delve into your hobbies and new passion projects, allowing them to light up your soul (especially if you’ve forgotten about them as you focused on someone else). Explore new interests and try something new, reveling in the freedom to create your own journey without having to consider anyone else right now. By prioritizing your happiness, you’ll ultimately radiate a magnetic energy that attracts healthier, more fulfilling relationships into your life.


Pisces, you emphasize deeply with others. However, this can sometimes lead to escapism and idealizing others at the expense of self-awareness. This month, direct your love and compassion inward. Look inwards just as much as you look outwards, and celebrate yourself just as you would celebrate a partner.

Dedicate moments of quietness to reflection, whether through journaling, meditation, or simply enjoying your own company on a solo date. By focusing more on self-discovery and cultivating a deeper sense of self-love, you’ll lay the groundwork for future relationships that resonate with who you truly are at your core.