3 Zodiacs Who Give Up On Relationships Too Soon

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3 Zodiacs Who Give Up On Relationships Too Soon

You never want to linger in a relationship that isn’t working because you deserve to be loved fully. However, you don’t want to run away from a relationship that has potential, either. You don’t want to give up on someone too soon and forget the good times you shared. You need to find the right balance. You need to ask yourself whether breaking up with them is the right move or whether you’re only leaving because you’re terrified that they’re going to break your heart. Here are some zodiacs who have the tendency to give up on relationships a little too soon:


Aries, you’re one of the most impulsive signs in the zodiac. You fall in love quickly – but you also fall out of love quickly. Since you’re completely okay with staying single, you won’t think too hard before ending a relationship. After all, you know you’re going to be fine on your own. You know you’ll get over this heartbreak. Even though your resilience and independence are beautiful traits that you should be proud to have, you should be careful. As an Aries, sometimes you grow too restless when things feel too stagnant and you become bored, so you might end up leaving a relationship as soon as the puppy love phase comes to an end. However, real relationships are going to be boring sometimes. They’re going to feel less exciting than flings. But if you’re with the right person, there will still be more fun days than dull days. And those dull days will be worth the rest. 


Libra, you cannot stand conflict and avoid it whenever possible. You want to live in a constant state of bliss, which is why some of your relationships might end prematurely. Instead of sticking around when things get hard, you decide to leave before your friendship is tainted, before your good memories of them get washed away by heartache. While it’s wonderful that you have boundaries and you definitely should leave when you feel like you’re with the wrong person, you can’t avoid confrontation forever. Even healthy relationships involve disagreements and arguments. As long as your partner is treating you respectfully during your talks and isn’t making you feel uncomfortable, then those confrontations are okay. They’re only natural. 


Gemini, you love the concept of being single because you have complete freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Sometimes, relationships can feel too confining. They can feel like too much responsibility. But you need to learn how to recognize the difference between a bad relationship that isn’t working for you and a good relationship that requires work. After all, relationships are about putting in effort. You need to be there for your partner. You need to support them and show up for them and treat them with respect – and they should be doing the same for you. If dating them feels like a chore, then get out of there, but you can’t escape some work. All relationships need it. And you’ll be happy to put it in for the right person.