Danik Prihodko

3 Zodiacs Who Have The Strongest Protection From Their Ancestors

From bloodline to bloodline, generation to generation, our ancestors can give us special guidance that leads us victoriously through our life path and destiny while shielding us from danger. Our ancestors warn us from the spirit realm when danger is near and protect us from those who wish to harm us. They guide us through our life path. Here are the three zodiacs with the strongest protection from their ancestors.


Scorpio is one of the signs most connected to their past lives, the afterlife, and the cycles of rebirth. That is why they tend to have a strong connection to the fierce protection of the spirits of their ancestors who ensure no one harms them, and sends karma to anyone who dares try. They harness the power of their ancestors to build a circle and a shield that guards them at all times from risky situations threatening to overwhelm them. 


With your psychic intuition, you open up a line of communication to the spirits of your ancestors and they send you intuitive messages on what action to take next. They are here to ward off against any evil eye, hexes, or negative energy sent your way and to “take care” of the sender to ensure they never try to inflict pain on you again. Often you don’t even realize how divinely you are protected until you see people who’ve tried to hinder you face the consequences of their actions – all without you lifting a finger. 


Dreamy Pisces, you are ruled by Neptune, a mystical planet that gives you a special connection to the spirit realm. Your ancestors not only watch over you, they help you gain access to your manifestation powers, allowing you to open up a channel to the divine and your higher self. They warn you of the red flags early on, sending harbingers of doom to signal danger when toxic people approach you. Heed the signs.