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3 Zodiacs Who Have To Let Go Of A Toxic Relationship In Order To Enter A Life Chapter Of Intense Healing

It’s hard to grow as a person when you tether yourself to negativity. You could be the most positive, optimistic person in the world, but that toxicity will still stick to you like ever-growing mold. While some people let go of the toxic people in their lives, others have a hard time saying goodbye. They don’t want to be mean or they think they can fix the problem. And even after the relationship is technically over, they still let the memory fester. For these three zodiac signs, it’s time to let go of that toxic relationship, whether a friendship or something more romantic, in order to start a life chapter of intense healing.


The toxic relationship that has been haunting you may have ended ages ago. You no longer see this person, so you feel deep down that you should be over it. Yet so often when life doesn’t go right or you meet someone new with the same power to hurt you, your mind flits back to your toxic relationship. You dwell. You pine. You wonder what you could have done differently. And years later, that toxic person still has a hold over you. You’re long overdue for a life chapter of intense healing, but you won’t get there until you finally say goodbye to the ghost of your past toxic relationship.


While you might not wish you could still be connected to the person you had a toxic relationship with, you certainly let the ghost of their presence affect any future relationships you have. Rather than coming away from an ex empowered, you use that moment of your dating life as proof that you can no longer trust people. While you might not want to admit it, that toxic partner affects you just as much when you’re apart as they did when you were together. Before you can start your life chapter of intense healing, you have to stop measuring all people you meet against the toxic behaviors of the people of your past.


You believe that everyone deserves a chance. That’s why, when you have a friendship that turns toxic, you still spend time with that person. Your other friends might have already said goodbye to them, but you’re holding on because you hope that they’ll change or that they’ll finally realize that they’re not treating you right. Don’t set yourself on fire just to keep others warm. If this toxic relationship is hurting you, it’s okay–and necessary–to say goodbye. The longer you hold on, the longer you put off your life path of intense healing.