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3 Zodiacs Who Make The Most Frustrating Exes

Breakups are universally terrible. Even when things go smoothly, when their mutual and kind, it still leaves you heartbroken. We all hope to have that kind of nice, supportive breakup, but certain zodiac signs are notorious for making it difficult. Whether they’re acting like they don’t care, turning everything back on you, or moving on too quickly, these signs are difficult during a breakup and make notoriously frustrating exes. Be wary the next time you date one of these signs.


Geminis and their twin personalities. You may only ever see the sweet side of the Gemini while you’re dating them, but as soon as the breakup commences, a stereotypical Gemini will become your evil ex. They show their other face and turn what could have been an easy separation into some far, far less fun. While the chaos of a Gemini can be intoxicating and flirtatious, it’s that trait that inevitably makes them a frustrating ex. That’s probably why most Geminis don’t have any exes amidst their friend group. They burn too many bridges for an ex to stick around.


Libras are great at finding really good partners, and while you’re in it, you’ll feel special and wanted. The downside to that is that they move on so quickly after a breakup. You’ll still be nursing your wounded heart and they’ll already be in their next relationship. They won’t be doing it maliciously–Libras just have a lot of love to give. Still, it can hurt, it can be frustrating. Libras also prefer to stay friends with their exes if possible, so if you choose to stay in their life, you’ll do so accepting the fact that you’ll watch them have with someone else what you no longer have together.


The frustrations you may have when dating an Aquarius won’t go away after the breakup. Aquariuses are notoriously quiet when it comes to sharing deep emotions. While there are of course exceptions to everything in this article, stereotypical Aquariuses tend to shut their partners out when they try to have deep talks or fights. That continues after the breakup. An Aquarius ex will seem cold and distant, making you feel like you’re the only one that seems to care about what happened. As is their nature, you can never really tell what they’re feeling inside, which is the ultimate frustration.