3 Zodiacs Who Need A Night Out On November 18

It’s the weekend. While some zodiac signs are content to hunker down and hibernate as the days get shorter and the weather gets more and more blustery, others would rather spend the night doing something wild and fun. Whether your brand of “night out” involves drinks and dancing or friends and arcade games, you deserve a night out on November 18 if you’re one of these three zodiac signs. Go have the night you deserve.


You find comfort in being both home and out of the house, but lately you’re feeling a little stifled as you spend yet another weekend without anything meaningful to do. Quit wallowing at home and go out tonight instead. Your November 18 should be dedicated to doing all your favorite things away from home, like going to the movies, hitting the arcade, or dancing the night away. Text your most adventurous friends (perhaps they’re on this list, too) and make some real memories tonight.


Even if you’re an introvert, you’re still happier when you’re out and about. That’s the adventurous Sagittarius vibes for you. You get bored easily and being bored is probably the worst thing you could want for your weekend. Instead of doing the exact same thing as always, let your spontaneous nature and knack for finding unique experiences guide you on November 18. Do the things that might intimidate other people, like karaoke or talking to strangers. Make tonight as cool and interesting as you want it to be.


Unlike the other zodiacs on this list, you’re more comfortable doing the same things every night–especially when they fit your hobbies and niche interests. Still, it’s good to get out once and a while. On November 18, instead of staying at home like always, go out for the night. Your friends would probably be pumped to see you. Do something in your wheelhouse, like pub trivia or axe-throwing, and you’ll have more than enough fun to justify the change of pace.