Jenny Woods

3 Zodiacs Who Need To Listen To Their Guardian Angels In Their Next Life Chapter

We are all divinely protected and guided by guardian angels, however, these zodiac signs need to start listening to the signs their angel sends them:


As your season unfolds, you’re also stepping into a new life chapter. You’re truly honoring yourself during this time and embracing your natural charm and diplomacy. However, you might face some challenges, thanks to Mars and Mercury in Scorpio, but with the New Moon in your sign, you’re feeling ready to take them on. Remember this, Libra: you don’t have to do it alone. You are protected and guided by Sameal (or Chamael), the angel of love and peace. Listen to them and accept the signs (angel numbers or white feathers) they give you while you find your inner strength.


Not only is your season approaching, but Mars and Mercury are in your sign, so although you might be feeling empowered, you’re also feeling a bit vindictive. You might feel like other people are trying to take advantage of you, and you want to react with assertiveness and spitefulness. However, you need to show mercy. You’re divinely protected and guided by Jeremial, the angel of forgiveness, and they will send you signs (cardinals, angel numbers, meaningful coincidences) to remind you that they are near and helping you. Don’t put your energy into someone or someplace negative — it’s not worth it.


You might be in denial about it, Sagittarius, but in this next life chapter, you are finally healing. You are entering into your season, finally taking the time to acknowledge what has and hasn’t been working for you and how you can move forward. You don’t want to be stuck in the same place forever, right? That goes for your mind, heart, and soul, too. Look for the signs your angel Adnachiel is sending you. As the angel of spiritual growth and freedom, they are helping you actually step out of your comfort zone to help you feel and heal.