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3 Zodiacs Who Need To Take A Mental Health Day Before The End Of May

Every day is the same. You wake up earlier than you want to, you get ready, grab a quick breakfast if you can, then commute to a job where you do the same thing every day. Even if you love your job, the routine of it all can get to you after a while. Or maybe it isn’t the day-to-day that’s bothering you, but instead an unrelated crisis that makes being “normal” feel impossible. For the following three zodiac signs, May has been exhausting, and you need a break. If you can, take a mental health day before the end of the month so you can finally breathe.


You have a pretty good routine for unwinding. It might be a show you like to binge on the regular (on the 10th re-watch of Parks and Rec?), or a video game you play to forget about the real world for a moment. Because you’re good at unwinding every night, some people have the incorrect assumption that you never need to just take a full day to yourself. Of course, that’s not true. Sometimes all our normal coping mechanisms fail us, and that’s how you’ve been feeling lately. Listen to your body and mind and take the mental health day that you need. May is tiring, but a day to just rest can make it a lot easier.


If someone asked you if you could use a day off just to feel all your feelings, you could confidently say “yes,” at any given time. But lately? You’re feeling particularly emotionally wrung-out. Life is tiring, especially when you seem to feel everything so intensely. Even when it isn’t your own drama, your empathy makes it tough to not internalize the negative things going on for the people around you, too. Do yourself a favor and take a day off if you can. Your inner circle of loyal friends and family will probably appreciate it, too.


Admit it: You’re exhausted. Sometimes just being a regular human person is the most tiring activity you can be a part of. This May has been one thing after another, and it’s all become too much. If you have to make one more phone call or listen to one more customer complain, you think you might just melt into a puddle of stress-filled tears. It’s okay to take a day to let it all out in the comfort of your own home. In fact, it’s necessary at this point. People won’t think any less of you if you take the day off. We all need it sometimes.