3 Zodiacs Who Seriously Need A Hug On February 4

Life just kind of sucks sometimes. I know that’s not the “literary” way to say it, but it’s certainly the nitty gritty truth. Whether you’re going through concrete bad times right now or you’re just feeling that bummer mood that seems to come around this time of year, you could be plagued by negative energy. There’s something that could help, at least for these three zodiac signs. If you’re on the list, you could use a big hug right now. There’s nothing as restorative as a good, warm bear hug. Go ask someone you care about for an embrace. And if someone you love is on this list, you know what to do next.


You’re a cuddly person, so good physical contact is restorative for you. You find comfort in that embrace. Still, you’re not good at actually asking for it. Sure, it’d be nice if everyone could just intuit what you want, but that’s not how the world works. Today, if you’re feeling particularly needy for some physical affection, just ask for it. There’s no harm in needing a hug! If you don’t have a significant other, ask a friend. Honestly, good friends give some of the best hugs around.


You like to act like you don’t need anyone. We all know that deep down you’re an emotional person. Don’t get it twisted: Being emotional is not a bad thing. You just like to keep the more vulnerable parts to yourself. Now, I’m not saying you should bare all today just to get a hug. What I am saying is that needing or wanting a hug doesn’t make you weak or vulnerable. You’re just a person being a person. And hopefully today you’ll be a person who gets at least one really good hug.


You’re strong, we get it. Although you may feel like it sometimes, you’re not a robot. You’re flesh and blood like the rest of us, and flesh and blood people need hugs sometimes. Luckily, you probably have a whole slew of friends who would be more than happy to give you a great big hug. After all, they can count on you to be there for them and would probably love to show you the same kind of courtesy. Now go forth and connect.