3 Zodiacs Who Should Be Wary Of Lies On December 3

It would be nice to think that everyone you ever meet has your best interests at heart. That they want to be real with you no matter what. That they don’t have any ulterior motives. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a social utopia. Bad people exist. Even good people might have bad moments. If you’re one of these three zodiac signs, you might cross paths with one of these baddies on December 3. Be wary of what people tell you today or you might get burned.


You like to assume the best from people. Everyone deserves second chances in the eyes of a Cancer. Unfortunately, that means that some people with bad motives take advantage of your kindness. While it might make you feel like a bad person, question everything you hear on December 3. Is the sob story you’re hearing real, or are they just playing on your sympathy? Did your significant other really block their ex, or are they texting them on the down low? While you might end up wrong in your assumptions, you’ll at least protect your heart today.


You’re a super social creature and can find the goodness in most people, which means your circle is large and filled with interesting characters. Unfortunately, you also happen to be gullible by nature. You like to take people at their word even though some people really shouldn’t be trusted. If you’re getting bad vibes on December 3, listen to your gut. Your instincts might be telling you something that you really need to hear.


You’re one of the most empathetic signs in the zodiac, which means you care deeply about the feelings of others. Unfortunately, that empathy can sometimes get in the way of logic, leading you to trusting people you shouldn’t. Just because someone has had a rough life, that doesn’t mean you should help them to the point of hurting yourself. Heck, the sob story might not even be true! On December 3, don’t let others’ potential lies get in the way of putting yourself first.