3 Zodiacs Who Will Experience Good Karma This Summer

Karma is the enigmatic judicial system of everyday life, guiding each and every one of our lives according to a set plan we aren’t able to see or fully understand. As frustrating as living under this mysterious system might be, all we can do is submit ourselves to the unpredictability of karmic justice, trusting that things will work out for the best. With summer on the horizon, some signs can comfortably sit back knowing that great things are in store for them, resting assured that their karmic fate is currently on the upswing just in time for June’s arrival.


Your enthusiasm is virtually limitless, Leo, forever lighting your path forward no matter how grim or foreboding things might seem. Whistling in the dark and assuring both yourself and others that everything will work out in the end, you can rest assured that your unwavering positivity will pay off in spades this summer. Impressing all those around you with your upbeat attitude and infectious confidence, new doors will open for you with the on-set of the new season, leading to exciting new pathways you never imagined were there to begin with.


You always strive to make sure everyone in your life feels comfortable, perpetually working towards building a harmonious safe space like a beaver diligently constructing its dam. It may have taken you weeks, months, perhaps even years solidifying this environment for yourself and your loved ones, but the effort is set to finally pay off in the weeks ahead. As the trees bloom and the weather gradually grows warmer, your selfless attitude will ultimately wield positive results, with everyone you’ve spent so long trying to make feel loved and comforted looking to return the favor this summer.


You’ve sacrificed so much time in the present in the hopes of one day enjoying the future, accepting that–eventually–you’ll earn the rewards that come with constant hard work and dedication. You’ve pushed yourself to the limit and now you can finally rest easy, enjoying the future you’ve spent so long striving towards. Put down your pencil and take your hands away from the keyboard, Capricorn, taking a moment to bask in the fruits of your labor, whether it comes in the form of a well-earned vacation or pursuing more free time in your personal life.