3 Zodiacs Who Will Skip Past The Drama In Their Next Life Chapter

Whether you’re the one creating the drama or it just seems to follow you, some zodiac signs walk around in a cloud of tension wherever they go. While some thrive on crisis, jumping in to help (or make things worse), that’s not always the case. Sometimes drama holds you back, coloring everything you do in gossip, negativity, and pessimism. For these three zodiac signs, now’s the time to dodge the drama and start a fresh new life chapter full of good vibes and positive energy. There’s no stopping the good things that can happen as long as you stay drama-free.


You’re no stranger to drama. You’re not necessarily creating it–at least not on purpose. Sure, sometimes you say something without thinking and it ends up hurting someone’s feelings. Or your blunt and sometimes intimidating nature can rub others the wrong way. Truth is, you’d be happy if everyone just stayed positive. So why not start this next life chapter without any drama? If you tell people how much you care about them and take a second to think before you speak, you should be entering this new era with all the good vibes you need to reach a path of enlightenment.


There’s a reason you’re attracted to drama: It certainly makes the day a lot more interesting. If a friend has some particularly juicy gossip, you’re first in line to hear it. Lately though, all that drama doesn’t have the same allure it once had. While you might get some instant gratification when you hear about it, it doesn’t hold a candle to the deep fulfillment you get from other parts of life. As you enter this new drama-free life chapter, shed your desire for conflict early on so you can finally breathe easy and enjoy the journey.


You hate drama, and not in the way that secret drama-lovers mean it. Still, it seems to find you. Whenever a friend is going through a rough time, you’re often the first person they go to when they need advice. But giving so much of yourself away to people, especially when it isn’t based on anything positive, has been slowly chipping away at you. You’re exhausted. Skip the drama for your next life chapter by putting yourself first. If you don’t have space for other people’s drama, it’s okay to step away for the sake of your own mental health.