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3 Zodiacs Whose Sense Of Humor Gets Even Better With Time

With age comes experience. As you get older, you get wiser–we all know this. But what a lot of people don’t realize until they’ve started living life is that you often get funnier, too. The things that held you back, like self-consciousness or insecurity, fall away and you’re left with deep insights and hilarious quips. Alas, some zodiac signs are funnier than others. These three signs’ sense of humor age like fine wine.


As you get older, your humor gets darker and more biting. You’re the person with surprise quips when people least expect it. You could be sitting there quietly watching the group at the party and then cut in with the most hilarious joke of the night. While you were probably funny when you were young, you get funnier as you get older because you aren’t letting your worry about what other people might think hold you back from being yourself.


You’re already known as one of the funniest signs of the zodiac, but the best thing about you is that you haven’t let that get to your head. Plenty of people are funny in their youth but, because they cling to dated jokes and references, their humor drops off as they get older. That’s not the case for you! Your humor is timeless and, as a result, you seem to get even funnier as you age. That’s probably why so many people like to keep you around–you’re great at livening up the room.


Some might be surprised to find you here just because Aquarius isn’t exactly known for being funny. The thing is, it just takes you time to find your voice when it comes to humor. When you’re younger, you’re too literal or too hung up on serious topics to say anything that the entire room might find hilarious. The odds are good you were never even trying to be funny. But as you’ve gotten older, you’ve loosened up, dropped your desire to appear a certain way, and now you’re finally letting people know how actually funny you really are. (And we’re all grateful for it.)