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3 Zodiacs With A Natural Gift For Divination And Tarot


Cancer is intuitive, emotional, and practically psychic. This zodiac is ruled by the Moon, governor of our inner worlds and the deepest parts of ourselves, as well as of mysticism. Being that the Moon has a dark side that it hides from the world, Cancers are able to see things others don’t pick up on. Those born under this sign have an uncanny ability of understanding people and situations on a more profound level—of being able to discern fears, wants, needs, and feelings. They’re highly in tune with the emotions and intentions of others, and can even intuit events before they happen. Cancer’s clairsentience and empathy make them excellent practitioners of Tarot and divination. They have a natural talent for receiving messages from the universe and the spiritual realm, as well as for tapping into the subconscious of others. 


Scorpio is one of the most magical signs of the zodiac. Their power comes from their ruler Pluto, the planet named after the god of the underworld. Pluto governs death, rebirth, transformation, metamorphosis, sex, money, and power. This planet reveals our vices, addictions, unhealthy habits, toxicity, and our own undoing. It rules over the darkest parts of ourselves which we keep hidden. Scorpio knows the shadow aspects of the human experience that others instinctively avoid. They sense the darkness that lies in others before it’s revealed. Those born under this zodiac sign know when you have something to hide, and it doesn’t take them long to figure out what that is. Scorpio can look into what’s in the depth of a person’s soul and mind. They have an affinity for swimming in the mysterious waters of the occult. These traits help them excel when it comes to divination and Tarot. They’re able to give eerily accurate readings and even pick up on messages from the dead that you didn’t know you needed. 


Pisces is one of the witchiest zodiac signs because they possess an innate sensitivity to the energies around them. Those born under this sign can pick up on the emotions of others, on subtle shifts, on intentions, and on hidden desires. They’re ruled by Neptune, which governs our dreams, psychic energies, and the ethereal world. Pisces is incredibly skilled at picking up messages from the universe and spiritual realm—symbolism, imagery, messages, and serendipity which others fail to even recognize. Often Pisces has revelations through visions and dreams. They can connect to the past, to the present, and to the future. They can intuitively read Tarot and practice divination because they can travel beneath the surface to the tiny hidden universes inside other people. Pisces also understands how we are but a grain of sand in the cosmos—and how those grains making up the universe are all connected.