Ketut Subiyanto

3 Zodiacs With (Impossibly) High Relationship Standards

Here are three zodiac signs with the highest standards in relationships.


Leo has high standards, especially in regards to how a partner treats them. Leo wants to be doted on. Leo knows their worth and requires that their partner celebrates them whenever they get the chance to do so. Leo would never tolerate a partner who only gives them the bare minimum or less because it just would not work. Leo wants to be worshipped and will not date someone until they are.


Hardworking and endlessly dedicated Capricorn holds themselves to the highest of standards in everything they do. They want the best of the best and to be the best of the best. This also applies to Capricorn’s love life. Capricorn not only wants a partner who treats them well and prioritizes their relationship, they also want someone who is powerful and impressive in their own right. They want to be with someone they’re proud of and aren’t willing to sacrifice this standard for anyone or anything.


Hypercritical, detail-oriented Virgo knows exactly what they want in a partner and are not willing to settle for less than they deserve. Virgo has a long list of qualities they both need and expect from a partner. While some potential suitors may be intimidated by Virgo’s sky-high standards, Virgo is okay with that because they know the right person for them would be able to meet them where they are.