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3 Zodiacs With The Most Romantic Souls

Here are three zodiac signs with the most romantic souls.

1. Libra

Libra is a compassionate air sign with a natural ability to make everyone in their presence feel loved and cared for. And because they are ruled by loving Venus, Libra has a relationship-oriented approach to life. However, in addition to relationships, Libra truly believes in romanticizing every aspect of their life to the fullest, and that they do.

2. Taurus

Taurus is a grounded earth sign with a deep appreciation for aesthetics and the finer things in life. And like Libra, Taurus is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money. This is what makes Taurus’ soul so utterly romantic. After all, love is literally their guiding principle.

3. Pisces

To put it plainly, Pisces just loves love. This sensitive and emotive water sign believes that true love is not only reserved for fairy tales but for every person on this planet. To some, Pisces may come across as a hopeless romantic but Pisces prefers the term “hopeful romantic” instead. After all, isn’t to love to be hopeful?