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The 3 Zodiacs Who Are Hopeless Romantics

Here are the three zodiac signs who are hopeless romantics.

1. Cancer

When it comes to matters of the heart, Cancer does take a while to open up and let love in. However, once a Cancer finds themselves in a relationship they feel secure in, trust that Cancer is all the way in and committed. And because they feel safe, Cancer believes that this is a sign that means a relationship is absolutely meant to be (even if there is ample evidence to the contrary). As such, Cancer will fight and fight and fight for a relationship well past its expiration date because Cancer firmly believes in the power of love. While this doesn’t always work out in Cancer’s favor, it is a testament to Cancer’s ability to continue to believe in love despite the fact it sometimes slips through its fingers.

2. Leo

Leo is romantic as hell. If Leo is in a relationship, they want to show off their partner and make sure everyone knows how in love they are (and that their partner is theirs and theirs alone). Leo is all about public displays of affection. Leo also adores to dote on their person with gifts and showers of tenderness. Leo can come on a little strong and this can chase love away at times but that’s okay because Leo knows there is someone out there for them who will appreciate their intense ways.

3. Pisces

Are we even surprised, though? Pisces is the ultimate hopeless romantic of the entire zodiac. Their dreamy ways leads Pisces to seeing the best in others when they may not deserve it. This is especially true when it comes to romantic partners. Pisces has a permanent pair of rose-colored glasses affixed to their vision and will always believe that their person is good and true (even if this may not be the case). Despite Pisces heart breaking every now and then due to their idealistic ways, Pisces continues to chase love with reckless abandon. Pisces truly does love love and will never not believe in it. And that’s definitely something to be admired.