Brandon Woelfel

4 Concrete Signs You Have Emotional Chemistry Together

Chemistry is beyond just intense physical attraction. In fact, there are various forms of chemistry we will experience with someone we have a romantic connection with. One of these types of chemistry is emotional.

Many experts consider emotional chemistry to be the most important type for long-lasting and fulfilling romantic relationships. Here are four concrete signs you have emotional chemistry together.

1. You’re calm around them.

Something about them just makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Those butterflies you are used to experiencing seem to be taking a nap whenever you’re with them. Everything feels steady. It’s almost as if you found home in a person.

2. You’re not afraid to communicate openly.

Even if that means it could cause tension or a fight. You’re unafraid to bring up difficult subjects because you know that you both will be able to navigate the tough topics with emotional maturity and care. You know that it’s important to be open and honest, and so you are.

3. Nothing about your relationship feels forced.

When it comes to your relationship, you never feel as though you have to try too hard. This doesn’t mean you don’t put in the effort, you do, but that effort feels natural. Conversation is effortless. Planning outings is a breeze. Silence is comfortable. Energy is always matched. In other words, it’s just easy to love one another.

4. You feel most like yourself around them.

Finally, you don’t hide pieces of yourself when you’re together. You don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Instead, you always show up as exactly as you are because you feel loved and safe enough to do so. This is a sure sign of emotional chemistry because you feel emotionally safe.