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4 Conflict-Avoidant Zodiac Signs

Many people like to argue because they are natural-born warriors and love to fight even more than they like to win. But many other people don’t see the point in treating their surroundings as if it’s a war zone. 

Here are the four most conflict-avoidant signs in the zodiac. You’ll notice that the top two signs are air signs, because anger and arguing only drag you back down to earth.

This doesn’t mean these signs are naturally peacemakers—it’s more like their innately serene nature makes them flee from conflict. They don’t need to broker peace deals between others, because they’ve already made peace with themselves.

1. Libra

As signified by their symbol the Scales, Librans desire balance above all else and will avoid chaos at any cost. They are air signs who love good and open communication, which is exactly why they hate the sort of communication that leads to conflict, hurt feelings, and estrangement. They love when people act in harmony, and they hate when there is any tension. While this can be a good trait, it sometimes works against the Libra, because they are often willing to compromise to their own disadvantage rather than fight tooth and nail for what they believe in or what they really need.

2. Aquarius

Have you ever noticed that people who say, “I don’t like drama” are often the ones who create most of the drama? Well, when an Aquarius says that they don’t like drama, they really mean it. An air sign by birth, Aquarians like to keep things free, easy, lighthearted, and happy. Whenever they find themselves surrounded by those who thrive on confrontation and conflict, they’d rather be alone than endure all that endless bickering and all those nonstop headaches. In general terms, they are absolutely delightful to be around, but if you prove to be less than delightful, they won’t stick around you for very long.

3. Pisces

Pisces the Fish is, but of course, a water sign, and they love to swim boundlessly and endlessly in the deep blue waters, unencumbered by rules, regulations, hate, anger, and all forms of conflict. When they encounter the occasional predatory shark or stinging jellyfish, they will quickly swim the other way and hide as long as it’s necessary. They are ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, and they crave nothing more than to let the cool water glide by them as they conjure up gorgeous fairy tales in an endless dream state enabled by the blank walls of water that surround them on all sides.

4. Capricorn

An earth sign that is ruled by Saturn, the planet of rules and responsibilities, Capricorn seems like an unlikely candidate for this list. You’d think they’d love to take every argument that comes their way and ruthlessly destroy their antagonist with facts and logic—but you’d think wrong. It is precisely because they are earthy and logical that they seek to use these powers to solve any dispute rather than engage in a brawl as a bare-knuckled boxer would. They see conflict as the height of irrationality, so to them, the only way to tame someone who’s flying off the handle is to tame them with practical solutions to their obvious emotional problems.