4 Cynical Zodiacs Who Will Assume You’re Going To Hurt Them
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4 Cynical Zodiacs Who Assume You’re Going To Hurt Them

Some zodiacs walk into relationships assuming that it will be all sunshine and roses, and that everything will work out in the end. But other signs are more pessimistic. Even when they find someone special, they hesitate to open their hearts or even make the relationship official because they’re sure the whole thing is going to end in disaster. Here are some cynical zodiac signs who assume you’re going to break their heart:


It takes a long time for this sign to let own their walls. They will keep their guard up high because they assume that you’re too good to be true. They’re worried that if they open up to you and give you a real chance, you’re going to end up brutally breaking their heart. Scorpios can come across as standoffish at times, but it’s not because they’re heartless. It’s because their heart is huge. They aren’t sure whether they can handle having it broken to pieces, so they try to avoid anyone who could potentially cause them pain. But falling in love is always a risk. There’s always a chance they’re going to get hurt, and if someone is worth the trouble, they will accept this.


Capricorns consider themselves realists, and realistically, the chance of a relationship ending in heartbreak is higher than it ending in eternal bliss. This sign tries not to get their hopes up about love because they understand how selfish and cruel humans can be — and they don’t want to end up disappointed. They don’t want to start building a life with someone who is going to leave them alone one day. They are all about stability, so the idea of getting attached to someone that isn’t planning on staying is unbearable. This sign is going to have a tough time accepting that you actually want the best for them, that you aren’t going to break their heart in the end. But once they grow to trust you, they will always do right by you.


The reason this sign has such a hard time settling down isn’t because they’re irresponsible or unlovable. It’s because they’re scared of making the wrong decision. They don’t want to commit to someone who is going to break their heart. They don’t want to end up regretting their choices sometime in the near or far future. They are trying their hardest to create the perfect life for themselves, which means they need to be careful. They need to watch out so they don’t end up with their heart broken yet again. This sign will make a wonderful partner once they agree to settle down with you, but it might take a while for them to get to that point. They really need to know that you are someone they can trust.


The reason why Taurus take so long to open up to new people is because they don’t trust society as a whole. People have hurt them before. People have said and done some incredibly cruel things that they’re never going to forgive or forget. This sign assumes everyone is out to get them, which is why they need assurance you aren’t like everyone else. They need you to give them a reason to trust you. Otherwise, they’ll assume that you’re going to hurt them the same way so many others have.