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4 Reasons Why Every Aries Needs A Libra BFF

On the surface, Aries and Libra appear to have very little in common. The signs are famously representative of two very different polarities: masculine and feminine, war and peace, independence and harmony.

It’s true that Aries can find Libra too vain at times or become frustrated when Libra refuses to take a hard, critical stance. If you’re a fiery, strong-willed Aries, you might think a peace-keeping, detached Libra is just going to cramp your style.

But there are more similarities than you might think, and friendships between Aries and Libras often bring the type of balance necessary to go the distance.

You’re chasing the same goal.

The common bond between these two signs is written in the stars. You are both fiercely protective of their loved ones and humanity at large, ceaselessly passionate about the concept of justice. While Aries sees the individual, choosing to fight for the underdog and stand by their friends with sometimes alarmingly aggressive loyalty, Libra has the bigger picture in mind, wishing for an idyllic harmonious future where everyone can get along. You both love deeply, profoundly, and with all your heart.

You encourage them to take risks.

Aries, you’re never one to turn down a dare—unlike your quieter Libra counterparts, who are more cautious and calculated with their choices. Impulsive decisions can sometimes be worth the risk, and with your fun-loving Aries self as their hypeman, you’ll notice your Libra friend gradually take on greater challenges. Once they see you do it successfully, and with such ease, they will find it less daunting.

They keep your fire alive.

Airy Libra fans the flames of fiery Aries, keeping you motivated to reach your goals even when you’re feeling discouraged. Rather than trying to water you down or keep you grounded, they find your enthusiasm infectious and exciting. They’ll charm everyone at Sunday brunch, but secretly, they love tagging along on your chaotic Friday nights. But if you get a little too wild, they’ll be the first to hold you accountable—reining in your crazy before you decide to act on your intrusive thoughts.

They remind you to slow down.

Libras are lovers of beauty. As they wander through the world, they seem to find glimpses of everyday wonder, magic, and mystery everywhere. For the fast-talking, fast-moving Aries, there is rarely time to stop and enjoy the moment. Libra provides a slower pace that can be comforting to you. While you explore the universe with the same childlike awe, they remind you to take a moment to breathe.