4 Signs Who Set Strict Boundaries (And Won’t Let You Cross Them)4 Signs Who Set Strict Boundaries (And Won’t Let You Cross Them)

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4 Signs Who Set Strict Boundaries (And Won’t Let You Break Them)

Some zodiacs are going to let you get away with unfair treatment because they won’t want to cause drama by speaking their mind. Other zodiacs are more outspoken about their feelings. They won’t let you get away with murder because they know they deserve better. They know they have a right to push back. Here are some signs who set strict boundaries (and won’t let you cross them):


Leos have high standards that they aren’t going to change for anyone. This sign isn’t going to let anyone cross their boundaries because they demand respect. They know what they deserve and they aren’t going to settle for less. In fact, they are going to be outraged if someone thinks they can get away with treating them like shit. They are going to be offended that someone else thought so little of them. Leos are fierce and fearless, so they aren’t afraid to call you out when you’re acting inappropriately They would rather speak their mind and risk losing you than stay quiet and get treated terribly.


Taurus cannot stand leaving their comfort zone, especially when it’s against their will. Even though they’re shy and won’t want to call you out when you cross a boundary, they are going to be too uncomfortable to keep quiet. They are going to make sure you know that you’ve crossed a line and that they aren’t going to hang out with you anymore if you continue to disrespect them and peer pressure them. Taurus get scared away easily, so if you act like you couldn’t care less about their boundaries, they’re going to run for the door. And they won’t look back.


Aries aren’t pushovers. They are loud about their hopes, dreams, and desires. When they want something, they’re going to get it – and when they’re upset, you are going to hear about it. They are confident and unafraid of consequences, so if they have something to say to you, they aren’t going to hold back. They’ll call you out. They’ll curse you out. They’ll do whatever it takes to get you to take them seriously. One thing that an Aries isn’t going to settle for is disrespect. They aren’t going to back down from confrontation when they know they’re in the right, so if you cross boundaries, they’re going to make sure you realize you messed up.


Virgos think with their heads over their hearts. Unlike other zodiacs, they aren’t going to let their history with you or their love for you trick them into sticking around when you’re treating them poorly. They’re able to separate the emotional from the logical, so if you’re crossing boundaries on a daily basis, they’re going to decide you don’t belong in their world anymore. They’re going to give you an option – either change your behavior or lose them forever. Virgos love themselves too much to stay in an unhealthy situation. If you aren’t going to show them respect, then they’re going to show you the door.