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4 Zodiac Signs Energized By November 23’s New Moon

The new moon took place in the open-minded, and expansive sign of Sagittarius — which means that the brightest, most passionate spark has started to shine on all of the ways you connect with the world around you. Ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of transformation and beauty, this new moon is empowering you to change your perception surrounding the things you can and can’t do. It is inspiring clearer vision, and encouraging you to take risks when it comes to stepping outside of your comfort zone.

If that wasn’t already inspiring enough, this new moon also has a deeply hopeful energy to it, and it comes at a time in the year when we as human beings have the opportunity to really envision the lives we want to lead. What filled your cup this year? What drained your energy, or hollowed you out? What do you want to bring with you into your next chapter? What do you want to leave behind? The Universe is asking these questions through the stars, and it is important to connect with them.

If your sun, moon or rising sign falls under any of the following four signs — this new moon energy is going to be especially heightened for you over the next few weeks. You are going to see a lot of changes come your way, and it is important to let them flow through you, because they are preparing you for the most stunning rewards. This is something to celebrate, and embrace. Get ready for your light to shine. 


Gemini — your relationships are going to benefit the most from the lunar atmosphere right now. With this new moon, you’re feeling empowered to work on your partnerships and to put effort into building deeper foundations with those you care about. This celestial energy is sauntering through your eye-opening seventh house of lovers, friendships, and even enemies. Because of this, you’re taking a more meaningful look at the human beings you keep by your side, and you are coming to terms with the ways in which they impact your mind, and soul. With that being said, you are also a mirror, seeing your own contribution to your partnerships very clearly right now, and digging into how your own actions influence your heart, and your happiness. This energy might feel overwhelming at first, but it is a beautiful gift from the Universe, because it is going to reveal to you exactly how you want to show up in this world when it comes to love and friendship, and it will also help for you to make decisions surrounding the connections you want to move forward with, and the ones you’d rather leave in the past. This next chapter is going to be delicious for you Gemini — make sure you’re experiencing all of that beauty with the right people by your side. 


Virgo — this new moon energy is going to be hitting quite close to home for you, and you are going to be thrust into a lot of vulnerability over the next month. This is mostly because an immense amount of celestial movement is occurring in your fourth house of domestic affairs and personal matters. A light is shining directly on your internal life, and your inner world. As someone who needs to build a deep, and safe, foundation within your life in order to feel protected and at peace, these next few weeks are going to challenge your reality right now, and help to illuminate the ways in which you might have been abandoning your needs and letting yourself down in your own rituals of comfort and self-care. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, it is because you need to carve out and anchor yourself in a corner of your world that helps for you to pour into your soul more. This new moon is empowering you to take action, and to listen to your heart and what makes it feel the most safe. Don’t ignore the call, Virgo. 


Sagittarius — we’re sure even you can admit that you love to be applauded. You hold a deep appreciation for attention, and you desire to be admired and adored by those who come into your life. You’ll be happy to hear that at this moment in the lunar atmosphere, all eyes are going to be on you due to the fact that the new moon energy is focusing wonderfully on your first house, which represents self. Your confidence, and the way that you see yourself as a human being is going to be empowered in the most beautiful way. Prepare to look at yourself clearly, and with kinder eyes. Your identity has been taking on a lot of changes this year, and as you have shed your skin, you have at times felt distanced from your own inner knowing. While this has been difficult, it has prepared you to meet yourself again after all of the evolution that has taken place, and you’re going to be so glad that you kept growing, and transforming, because this is a version of yourself that you can be deeply proud of. You are not the same person you were at the beginning of the year, Sagittarius — but that just means that you took risks, that you stayed curious, and that you chose to move forward into a life that was flourishing before your eyes. This new moon is showing you just how brave, and rewarding, that truly is.


Pisces — right now you are genuinely on fire when it comes to attracting beautiful opportunities, and connecting deeply with others who find their way into your atmosphere. People are simply just drawn to you at this moment in time, and it is mainly because the new moon is bringing a surge of light to your 10th house of public image. You’re going to feel inspired to accept life-changing possibilities, and to put a little more effort into your external world and reputation. From time to time, this is a thoughtful and important thing to do. The Universe is gifting you with the kind of power that will bring some meaningful accolades your way, and you’re so aligned with luck and reward, that you should chase the things that ignite you, or start to work towards a passion of yours that you have been putting off, because everything you connect with right now is going to turn to gold. You’re about to have everything you have ever dreamed of, but now is not the time to drag your feet, Pisces. Reach for what you deeply desire in life, and it will reach back. Ask for what you want, and you will receive it.