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4 Zodiac Signs That Are Great At Hospitality

According to the Oxford Dictionary, “hospitality” is a noun that means the “friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.”

Surely you’ve met terminally grumpy and cranky people who make you feel like an intruder even if they were the ones who invited you over.

On the flip side, you’ve probably met others who are so hospitable, so eager to make you feel welcome, that you feel more at home over at their home than you do at your own. Such people are feng shui experts who arrange every element of their immediate environment so that it is free of anxiety, hostility, and coldness. On a personal level, they are cordial, courteous, and accommodating—or as the saying goes, they are “the hostess with the mostest.”

Here are four zodiac signs who go so far out of their way to make sure you have a pleasurable experience when you visit them, you might even wonder if they’re getting paid for it.

1. Cancer

Ruled by the moon, which ensures that they pulsate with soothing maternal energies, Cancer is the zodiac’s biggest homebody. When you cross the doorstep into their warm abode, it’s as if the entire place is just a big pair of motherly arms hugging you. They’re not the most outgoing sign, so their strength lies in the cozy atmosphere they create and the comforting food and beverages they provide. If they can sense that you are in the least bit hungry or unhappy, they will fix that in a jiffy. They will also make a care package for you to take home—assuming you ever want to leave.

2. Libra

As the zodiac’s Justice of the Peace who seeks harmony and balance in everything, Libra makes sure that everyone who attends their dinner party—from the loud talkers to the shy wallflowers—feels perfectly welcome. One thing you will never see in their house is a fistfight. Ruled by Venus, which gives them a fine grasp of aesthetics, they make sure that all five senses are satisfied—the house smells like warm cookies, the party music is soothing and nonintrusive, the food tastes sublime, the home décor dazzles the eyes, and the thermostat and dehumidifier are set so that your skin comes alive. You’ll feel so at home, you might accidentally take your shoes off without asking if that’s OK.

3. Virgo

With perfectly well-deserved reputation as a perfectionist, Virgo will spare no expense and cut no corners to ensure that it would be scientifically impossible for anyone else to ever throw a better get-together. If they’re planning a dinner party, every last detail— from the gold-leaf invitations to the vast array of artisanal hors d’oeuvres to the curlicues on the cake frosting to the impressive selection of vintage wines to the painstakingly baked lobster tails dipped in shimmering melted butter—will be jaw-droppingly impeccable. If they can sense that you are in any way uncomfortable, they will give you a neck massage, even if you’re in the middle of eating.

4. Leo

Because their ego is as big as the Sun that rules them and they have as much confident swagger as the Lion that symbolizes them, being hospitable is merely another way for Leo to get all eyes focused on them. It’s as if Diddy is welcoming you into his home as you film an episode of Cribs. They will lavish you with food and libations and praise, but it’s all for the sinister goal of having you admire and praise them. They will make sure that you have a good time, but they will also find a way to ensure that you thank them for it and also feel indebted to them for it. So don’t be fooled by their “kindness” and “generosity”—in a twisted way, they’re being very selfish!