4 Zodiac Signs That Are Professionally Independent But Personally Needy

Just like some people are lucky at cards and unlucky in love, others are independent in matters of business but codependent in matters of the heart.

They can be titans of industry but will rely heavily on their friends and family to reassure them that their new haircut doesn’t look as bad as they fear it does.

They can be highly organized individuals who carefully plot out their future, but a slight change in the weather can send them into a tizzy.

They can be one of the world’s preeminent astrophysicists but might need to check their horoscope to see how they’re going to feel when they wake up tomorrow morning.

Here are the four zodiac signs that are capable of running a sneaker factory but might need help tying their own shoelaces.

1. Leo

When it comes to having all the hallmarks of an alpha personality, the stars align for Leo like cherries line up on a Las Vegas slot machine that has just hit the jackpot: They are a fixed fire sign represented by the Lion and ruled by the Sun. This is why they make great politicians, coaches, and CEOs. Outwardly, they have an unbreakable confidence that makes people want to follow them wherever they go. But in their most private moments, they are often stricken by pangs of self-doubt. They have no idea why anyone sees them as attractive, successful, or worthy of emulating. And they’re terrified of telling anyone that they still let their mom pick out their wardrobe for them.

2. Capricorn

As an Earth sign ruled by Saturn, Capricorn values hard work, determination, and responsibility above everything else. Fully and painfully aware that no one else is remotely as cautious and detail-oriented as they are, they won’t even take a broken laptop to a repair shop. They’ll spend all night into the wee hours of dawn meticulously taking the computer apart, troubleshooting the problem, and gingerly reattaching the dislocated fan connector. But then, when they get a slight cut on their finger while screwing the laptop together again, they’ll wake up their favorite aunt and desperately ask if a finger cut can kill you and whether they should call an ambulance.

3. Gemini 

In professional and creative matters, Gemini demands total control. When they’re working on a project, other people only get in their way. If they’re making a movie, they want to script it, film it, cast it, direct it, produce it, and star as the lead. In post-production, they want to edit it, score it, add special effects, do the opening and closing credits, design the advertising materials, manage the movie’s distribution, and do all the promotional interviews. But on the movie set late at night when filming has been going on since the early morning and they forgot to eat, they’ll look at the last item on the food cart, pick it up, and ask the crew: “Does anyone know what ‘Ramen noodles’ are, and if you do, can you make them for me?”

4. Sagittarius

A technically gifted, aesthetically creative, and highly intelligent sign who sets very high standards for themselves, this mutable Fire sign has the raw skills and inner drive to come up with the most dazzling, addictive, and user-friendly social-media app the world has ever seen. Imagine an app that allows you to follow up-to-the-minute breaking news better than Twitter, network with family and friends better than Facebook, share pictures better than Instagram, and upload movies better than TikTok. But within the first 24 hours of this new app’s debut, if Sagittarius doesn’t get at least one million “likes” on their personal profile, they will cry themselves to sleep and curse a world that clearly doesn’t appreciate them.