4 Zodiac Signs That Love Admiration/To Be Complimented

To be fair, no one really hates being complimented, as long as they sense that the praise they’re receiving is sincere and isn’t just some sneaky, manipulative tactic. It feels good to be admired and praised by others; it’s definitely better than being insulted, right? Especially if you’re having a bad day, an unexpected word of encouragement can make the sunshine part the clouds.

Although everyone likes receiving praise, some seem to need it more than others do. Some people are more autonomous and self-assured, while others could use a little reassurance every once in a while—or, in extreme cases, every five minutes.

People who love being complimented can be either introverts or extroverts. Leo and Aries, the two signs who top the list, are fire signs. They are more likely to be confident extroverts who seek compliments to cement their social status. But Cancer and Libra are more individualistic and withdrawn in nature, so they feed on compliments just so they don’t feel all alone.

If your flattery is sincere, it will get you everywhere with these four signs.

1. Leo

Ruled by Mars, the warrior planet, this roaring fire sign is by nature an alpha personality who is hyper-social. The Lion, as the jungle’s apex predator, thrives and basks and wallows and exults in the approval of others. Their self-image is a direct mirror reflection of their social image, so not only do they absolutely adore being complimented, they are the type who might lure you with reverse-psychology tactics such as saying, “My hair looks horrible today,” “Nobody likes me,” and “I wish I was funnier.” But they don’t mean any of it—it’s simply a ploy to get you to say, “Darling, your hair is spectacular, everyone loves you, and you should be a comedian.” And you fall for it every time. And they love it every time.

2. Aries

Like Leo, Aries is a fire sign, but with the extra added benefit of being ruled by the sun. Unlike Leo, they don’t fish for compliments—they preen and flex and dance and sing and joke and hug and do everything within their power to impress you. And if that isn’t enough to charm you into complimenting them, they’ll start showering you with praise to the point where you feel guilty if you don’t reciprocate. If this doesn’t result in you giving them a standing ovation, they’ll just move from person to person until they find someone willing to massage their ego.

3. Cancer

As probably the most sensitive and deeply emotional sign of the zodiac, Cancer feels insecure and even a little bruised if you don’t at least say something nice about them. They tend to be highly self-conscious, so if you aren’t forthcoming with positive feedback, they will assume that you don’t like them and are merely too nice say it to their face. Unlike Leo and Aries, they aren’t absolutely dependent on a constant feedback loop of endless adulation. But if you want to stay on their good side, think of them as a cactus that just needs a little bit of water every once in a while.

4. Libra

The Scales are the sign that seek balance in everything. If they’re messing up, they like to be told what they’re doing wrong so that they can correct it. They’d rather you be honest with them about it than find out that you secretly seethe with resentment toward them and are talking about them behind their back. By the same token, if you like or admire something about it, they want to hear about it, too—especially if you have a crush on them. Since they tend to be a little shy, they’re not going to pry such information out of you, but they’d loooove for you to make the first move.