Alex Paz

4 Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Aries Soulmates

As the first sign of the zodiac, the Ram is often called the “baby of the zodiac” due to their intensely compassionate nature. Although they can be fiery, impulsive, and selfish, don’t let that fool you. They are the sign most likely to cry at sad movies and to help out friends—and even strangers—in need.

Aries are also honest to the point where they can come off a little blunt and insulting, but they can’t help being honest. It’s in their blood. Intensely loyal, they despise being betrayed or lied to and may never forgive anyone who crosses either of those boundaries. They desire independence and will feel suffocated by a partner who’s insecure and clingy

Whether you’re talking about business or pleasure, here are the four signs most likely to get along with Aries both in the boardroom and the bedroom.

1. Leo

Leo is ruled by the sun, which makes them extremely self-involved. Aries is ruled by Mars, which makes them aggressive, physical, and sometimes even physically aggressive. Both Leo and Aries are fire signs. As a result of this, both signs can sometimes be a little bit too masculine and alpha in temperament to perfectly suit another. Their extroverted personalities can lead to endless power struggles than undermine true love, which is about cooperation and compassion rather than power. But if they can get past their own egos, they will form a dynamic duo that is nearly unstoppable. They can be like two boxers who’ve slugged it out for twelve rounds and then hug one another because they can’t help but admire each other’s tenacity. And especially in the bedroom, sparks will fly when the Lion lies down with the Ram.

2. Sagittarius

Just like Leo, Sagittarius is a fire sign. But unlike with Aries and Leo, it never becomes a power struggle between Sag and Aries. Both signs are perfectionistic and loving, and once they’ve fallen in love, you won’t find any other combo in the zodiac who strives so relentlessly to keep the fires of love burning brightly. Both signs are as optimistic as children on Christmas morning. One potential trouble spot is that Sagittarius craves independence, while Aries tends to be jealous. Another is that both signs like to start projects, but neither sign is very keen on finishing them. It’d be best if Aries came up with the ideas and Sagittarius followed through on them.

3. Aquarius

This is a relationship that thrives on complementary traits. Aquarius is the deep thinker, and Aries is the deep feeler. Aquarius values Aries’s honesty, while Aries is in awe of Aquarius’s creativity. Aquarius is one of the few signs that is ruled by two planets—Saturn (which makes them deeply altruistic and compassionate) and Uranus (which gives them a fierce commitment to justice and fairness). Aries is ruled by the warrior planet Mars, and when you throw that into the mix, these two can conquer the world together. The relationship would work inversely to how it works with Sagittarius; in this scenario, Aquarius comes up with the ideas, while Aries sees them to fruition. They both thrive on excitement, which makes them both easily bored, which can be fatal for a long-term relationship, so they should seek ways to keep one another interested. They should never take one another for granted.

4. Scorpio

Scorpio is passionate, mysterious, dark, intense, and alluring. Aries is confident, transparent, gregarious, and sunny in disposition. Aries can keep Scorpio grounded, and Scorpio, the zodiac’s drama queen, can prevent Aries from ever, ever getting bored. Both signs can come off bossy and aloof. Aries should keep in mind how important honesty and trust are to Scorpio. Scorpio tends to be a bit insecure and jealous, which can cause problems with the naturally flirtatious Aries. Since both signs are ruled by Mars, they can be prone to conflict if they don’t figure out how to settle their differences from the get-go.