4 Zodiac Signs Who Are More Comfortable In Casual Relationships

4 Zodiac Signs Who Are More Comfortable In Casual Relationships

Some zodiacs have trouble with commitment. Even if they want to be in a serious relationship, it’s hard for them to open up to someone else. It’s easier when emotions aren’t involved, when the situation is less serious.


Aries are passionate, energetic, and intense. When they fall for someone new, they fall hard. They assume that they’re head over heels for this person before they even get to know each other. Although they might have a ton of fun with their partner, the problem with this type of instant attraction is that it can fade fast. One day, they’ll be crazy about someone. The next, they’ll be pissed off at that person and will decide they’re better off alone. Aries get restless easily, so staying interested in one person for a significant length of time isn’t easy for them. They’ll only stick around if the other person is truly worth their time and energy. If they really feel like they’ve found the one.


Gemini don’t want to be tied down to one place or person because they have big dreams for themselves. They’re worried that the wrong relationship will hold them back, and they wouldn’t want love to get in the way of their other big dreams. Plus, Geminis are self-aware. They know they can be fickle and don’t want to commit to someone who feels right in the moment but ends up being bad for them. They want to make sure they’re making the best decision for themselves because they know they deserve to be loved fully. Even though anyone would be lucky to date a Gemini, not many people have the chance to spend forever with one.


Sagittarius have trouble expressing their real feelings. They bottle up their emotions and avoid serious conversations at all costs. Since they’re so scared of showing vulnerability, it can be hard for them to take the next step in a relationship. They’re more comfortable when feelings aren’t involved, when they can have fun without worrying about what comes next. Although they have huge hearts and might secretly prefer to be in a serious relationship, they have a much easier time in casual relationships where there is less pressure. As soon as commitment comes into play, they start getting nervous. However, once they commit to someone, they’re all-in. They would never dream of hurting their partner.


Aquarius can be distant at times. They have learned to rely on themselves because they have been let down before. It’s easier for them to take care of themselves and keep their heart hidden so there’s no chance of getting hurt again. Aquarius don’t care about their reputations. They pay no attention to what others think, so they’ll do whatever feels right in the moment. If they want to kiss someone or go out with someone, they aren’t going to hold back. They’ll have fun and enjoy themselves. However, they typically avoid getting too attached because they know the only person they can count on is themselves.